March 31, 2013

For awhile now I’ve been wondering about how I will grow my business, attract more students, do my work here since my students tend to have no or low amounts of friends.  They tend to be solo people, preferring to be on their own or with their pets or nature than with others, they are shyer, more introspective and sensitive… I see people posting on Facebook about experts they follow, being loud and proud of it and I’ve wondered for some years now, how will my business grow if my students are more private and quiet and solo?

So yes, G-d brings the perfect students — but I also notice that some of these people G-d brings to me 1) get scared and stop after their first session or 2) think about it too much and stop themselves before even moving forward.  They’ll email me or tell me, G-d brought me to you, but then something will happen — they’ll think too much, their fears will talk them out of it – and then they won’t move forward and book a session.

So this has gotten me a bit down, whenever I think about it.

How will my business grow if these are my people?

Well, today the answer came to me.  Thank g-d!

The other thing that I do — which I have to wait to see to get confirmation on this as I’m not sure if this is the case with all of my students — is that I train leaders.

People who are supposed to be making an impact in this world.

Not just a teacher or a healer, but a LEADER.

And guess what?  This is such fantastic awareness, not only is this super exciting — but it’s the answer to how my business grows as well — because leaders lead masses of people.  They may never feel like they totally belong, they still may be on the life path of being solo, or more “me” and “inside” oriented – liking their time with their pets and nature, more than with people — and this is fine, cause this is me too — but they are leading groups.  And that’s how it happens, they are people who are fully in their power, leading people — influencers.

This is incredible realization.  I’m going to sit here and think about it for awhile.  I love that.  I love that I help heal and train leaders.