May 25, 2013

So my communication with people has been much tougher.

It feels like I’m yelling at people — which maybe some will take it like that… but it’s really me just speaking with more confidence.  Stronger.

I watched that video of me during the public talk and although it felt like I was battling it out with people, it was really me just having a firm stance with them.

Is this my style?

Today I caught the eye of a spiritual author.  She posted online about her desire to heal attachments she has to men.

I noticed one of her posts a week or two ago — about something else related to men.

I found it interesting, heart-warming that a spiritual teacher / healer / best selling author was being so vulnerable and in touch with her followers.  She has my style.

That vulnerable, open, nothing to hide.  Sharing what she’s processing.

I’m still not sure about this.

It definitely takes the smoke and mirrors feel off of her that I once had about her.  But is that bad?  Again, I am not judging, as it’s something that I do — it’s my work, how I present myself.

Again, I’ve been questioning if I should continue this — although I’m sure you know I will… I still think she’s amazing at what she does and I’ve learned a lot about her.

So today she posted this on Facebook….

I wrote this —
  • Beautiful. I can help you with that
    She wrote… share solutions here plz
    I wrote….  You’re funny. This is not a short response. It’s the work I do – deep healing work to get to the core of why you have a tendency to do this in relationships. My website is if you’re interested – The Heart Healing Program
    She wrote this…. one quick tip for us all, plz
    I was happy I caught the attention from a spiritual best selling author.  One I really like and look up to for a long time.
    This goes into my thoughts of attracting bigger time people.  All the TV execs and stars that seem to be on my radar lately.
    This is cool.
    I keep having that vision of being the love guru to stars… this only feeds it.
    I was going to ignore her post.  Not reply.  Value my time and just forget it.
    But something inside of me… my guides were like, what the heck – reply.
    So I did.
    I questioned if it seemed like I was angry.  Or if I was going to sound like a bitch.  These are things I have to get over with my “tough love” approach (again, if this is my style…) 🙂
    So I just posted it.
    An exercise in speaking my mind and telling people the way it is.
    I wrote this…
    Okay – here’s a tip. This is a core issue — a wounding your soul has been carrying around your whole life. By you posting this – wondering about it – it’s saying to me your Spirit wants to heal it – it’s ready to release the wounding. But since this pattern of relating has been going on in your relationships your whole life it takes some time and personal attention to heal it. Not something that’s going to be figured out through a forum thread. Through a session is how I’m able to get more information from you as to what’s going on and take you through personalized steps on how you specifically would heal this in yourself. The invitation is there for you, if you’d like to heal this and of course your session is totally confidential –
    She just wrote this…
    Thank you Blaire. It is a very deep sacred process I am currently immersed in that enters my cells.
    So my limiting thoughts… my fears…
    Oh g-d I am coming off as a bitch, she won’t like me.
    How am I going to attract these big wigs to me if I’m being a bitch to all of them?
    I don’t want people in Hollywood to talk about me.
    Haha.  Limiting fearful beliefs.
    Who knows.
    All I can do is keep going with this way of being.. the way I’m being called to share my information.  Slightly cocky / slightly firm / bitchy — need to let that go.
    I look at it as an experiment.
    Let’s see how it does.
    The old way wasn’t working for me anymore.  I was lead to this way.  I try it and see if I like it 🙂
    So far I like it, as I’m not turning anger / resentment in on myself, I’m releasing the energy out there.  At people?  Not really the way… but again, just letting it be.  No judgment, see where it takes me.  See how it feels.  I am protected, I am guided, I am safe.  All is well.
    On a side note — how cool would that be for this spiritual bestselling author to be one of my students!! HELL YEA!! This is a whole other topic I need to journal about.  The dream keeps dancing and building in my head the more people I attract that are “higher status” in my eyes.  FUCK YEA.  SO COOL!
    By the way, she got 82 likes on this post and many responses of people being grateful to her for sharing her journey.  Hmm.  Wow.  Over 10,000 likes on her fan page.  How fucking cool would that be if she was my student and she helped get my books published.  And I hung out with her.  And we were friends.  Fuck yea!  I am sooo diggin’ it.