June 23, 2013

Well yesterday was a terrible health and mental day.

Had a crazy headache — probably a migraine – from 12-7PM

Tried to go to the supermarket to rent a movie and almost passed out there.

Real dizzy feeling yesterday.  Weak.  And very hot.

It was a very hot day, but obviously I was processing stuff and should have just kept my ass in bed or on the couch and not even attempted to go out AT ALL.

But I was antsy and bored and not happy about resting.  So that’s what you get.

Also I think I put myself into total overwhelm with all the stress of driving cross country and all the potential sponsors I need to contact…

And all the work related.

It was just taking on too much.

And I noticed yesterday — here is something I want so bad, to do my life purpose, to step it up… but then when Spirit gives me ideas I take on too many and get overwhelmed which gives me a major headache…. so that was hard for me to handle… but the standing still and not doing anything totally sucks.. and the only time I feel really happy and alive and excited is when I’m dreaming up things to do in my life / doing my dreams or steps towards it.

So it’s a bit of a back and forth – push and pull – with this phase.

But we’re moving on.

I really felt like I was going to pass out and possibly die yesterday.

Again, I contacted my Naturopath to help me through this…

I also did a lot of praying

And tried to stop thinking.  I mean, really, when your head hurts so bad you literally CANNOT think, you’re just trying to survive.

So I can’t get into the thinking of how all of this will happen.

More and more into the phase of just surrendering.

Asking Spirit to guide me.  with EASE, GRACE, EASILY to step into this next phase of doing my dreams and living my dream life.

Thank you

PS:  I also think all the sugar I’ve been eating has just been BAD — and been making my body out of whack and contributing to all this anxiety too.