February 20, 2014

I looked back over my recent posts and noticed I hadn’t written about this so I want to share it with you.

Over the last week I have been praying differently.  I’ve been thinking differently.

I have been asking God to lead me.  Totally and completely.

I also have been reliant totally on God.  When it comes to finances and my career.

This is where that TURKEY totem comes into play as well as St Francis.  SAINT FRANCIS and his total devotion to God.  I have that too.

The first thing, praying differently to God.  First off, I’ve stopped saying The Universe and Spirit as much and now speak of God.  I will still say Spirit when I’m referring to all my guides and angels – my Spirit Family — but when it comes to God, I speak about him. I feel him more.  He’s the leader.  I talk to him.

I ask him to guide me.  Where does he want me that day.  What does he want me to do.  Where does he want my career to go.  Show me, do for me, lead me.  (In a way, sort of, that I just don’t care).  It’s this detachment.  This releasing of control.  Simply from being tired with the old way of being. It’s like, I just don’t care anymore.  Do with me what you want me to do.

I guess I could also say there’s not the fear there that if I do what God wants me to do, that then my dreams won’t come true.  I believe deep down that if I do Gods work, that’s exactly how my dreams will come true.

My small human mind can’t figure out how to get the luxury penthouse in NYC, the TV job where I am running, hosting, producing and creating my own show, amongst the other things in this world that I want — my Bentley convertible, etc.  And believe me, I’ve tried to figure out how to do it, I just can’t figure it out, my mind can’t reach that greatness — but my Spirit can.

So I just release.  This is Gods work I’m doing.  That’s what gives me great passion and it also gives me great protection and great riches.

The other thing is I was having a conversation with my guides yesterday about how I am totally reliant on them for finances.  I’ve tried all these different things in my career on bringing in clients, selling packages, programs etc and that just produces a lot of energy drain and not much of results.  So fuck it.

Not doing that anymore.

I was talking to them the other day saying — it does seem kind of silly that I’ve been expecting a phone call from a tv exec to offer me a job  — and that I’m going to move because of that.

(This was letting the naysayers get to me with their doubtful logical thinking)

And I said, it really is unrealistic, silly thinking.  Who am I kidding?

And they said, it’s not silly thinking — it’s new thinking.  It’s uncomfortable to you.  Clearly some fears have come up.

So recognize it for what it is and let it be.

It’s not silly — it’s just a different way of going about life.

You should be congratulating yourself that you are at this place in your life.  Totally reliant on God. Totally in your heart.  Totally on purpose.  Doing your Divine Mission.

This is a great fete.

And that is correct.  They’re right.  And I am proud of myself for that.

Total reliance on God.

The more I think about it, the more this explains why St Francis has come to me.  I have aligned with his energy.  He’s now one of my guides.

Thank you.