April 6, 2013

Well, today I was guided to take a shower and put on a sundress.  This may sound normal to you but it’s not to me.  Since most days I work from home — and on other days where I go out to write, I tend to be kind of schlubby.  Yiddish word (messy / unkept / dirty)

I tend to take my showers at night and to not really bother with my appearance.  I just pile on the clothes, which again if I’m home all day, that usually means I work in my pjs or workout clothes (pjs usually win out until around 5PM when it switches to new pjs) 🙂  hehe

So okay, you get my drift.

(And of course I shower before student sessions in person and when I teach in person… didn’t want you to think I’m that bad) 🙂

But anyway —

Today the idea was to take a shower and look nice.  Look dressed up.  Look like money.  Wealthy.

Look good, like I do, when I actually give a shit. 🙂  So I did that.

And I felt real good.

I even pulled out a nicer pocketbook (again, normally I don’t use one.  I like my fanny pack since I can strap it on and go walk the dog or on the beach.)

So again, you get the idea.

My first worry was what if my tires go out and I need a tow?  Since I was going all the way down to Miami — I don’t normally drive more than 5 miles radius out of my area, I’ve gotten into the typical beach lifestyle, laid back and walk places.  Go to the beach, walk to the supermarket — I love it.

But almost a year ago the realization came that my tires – all 4 of them – were going to need to be replaced soon.  I was really shocked and upset to hear this, since my ex researched tires and got them for me (but I paid.. just sharing that since we’re talking about money here) 🙂 and the car guy said they were already worn, that tires wear out faster here in FL cause the hot weather and the coral / sand in the roads / something like that — and that one of my tires, the older ones was starting to rot since of the ocean water.

Oh man.

So the guy said that if I was doing a lot of highway driving at fast speeds that this could be a problem if one of the tires pops while on the road.  This of course scared me.  But again, just about a year or a year and a half before I just got 2 new tires, so what gives?  And of course I didn’t want to replace them again so soon.  He said that’s just the way it is in FL that tires last half their guaranteed life.  I don’t know… strange.

He also said that since I drive local, if he was me, he’d keep them on for another year and then replace all 4 at the same time, so that’s what I’m going to do.  My calendar is marked.

Now with all that said (and yes, it was necessary that you had that back story) 🙂 I got fearful of what may happen if I drive all the way to Miami and something happens.  My cell phone is a pay as you go.. I have maybe $20 on it.  An adjustment I made years ago when I stopped driving so much and walked and also enjoyed being left alone, not “on call” by my mom there was no need for everyone to have my cell phone – and again, besides, it barely rang. People can call me on my home / work line.  But this is another story — but again, more background for you to know.

The cell phone thing is never an issue until today when I was going to be

1 – out on my own

2 – in miami

3 – not talking to parents

4 – no friends to call if something happens / i need help


So I was questioning, do I write down the name and number of a tow guy?  Just in case?  I have AAA, I think — again, something else given to me BY MY MOM 🙂  But I don’t know if it’s still valid.  I never call it 🙂

(NOTE TO SELF:  Maybe that’s something I want to check out and sign up for myself to have peace of mind)

But then I said, no.  Spirit, I am relying on you.  If something happens to me then I know you will help me.  And since I am relying on  you, I know nothing will happen.  I trust you.

And that started my day.

I packed up my lunch and snacks and headed to Sunny Isles.

I looked up the address for a realtor and I was on my way.

I wanted to see properties.

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