February 15, 2013

I never thought about photoshop much til last night and this incident.  I do remember hearing something about “touch ups” being around photogs in the past, but never asked them what that entailed / what they did to the photograph.

I was playing around with it in my head… is this a bad thing?  Maybe even out my skin a bit?  Or fix the contrast… surely I’ve tried to do this with pictures before, right?  It’s not bad, right?  We’ve all seen color pictures turned into black and whites and then rebalanced – this isn’t bad, right?

And this was my debate last night when I was sleeping.

The thing that came to mind throughout was this…. Maybe many people photoshop pictures, when you see other people in their banner picture.. and of course in magazines… but this is me, my stuff, and I feel that is being dishonest.  Now my business is all about revealing the TRUTH of what is.  Digging deep… this was part of what I explained to the photog yesterday and why I decided to shoot so last minute and in the overcast day (although it ended up being really nice when we shot, totally divinely guided too, even she noted how it was amazing.. and how it poured as soon as we were done and throughout the night – incredible)

So I told her that I thought shooting in the overcast day was perfect, since again I go through the darkness with my students, all their “dark” and “dirty” emotions… we go through to the light.  So I loved the symbolism of shooting on this kind of day….

So for me to then have a banner were I knew was “fake” – “fake” enhanced sky and sea, that would bother me from the photo being up there.  I loved some of the shots and didn’t want to take that away from them.  The dress was perfect, the day was perfect, some of the shots were perfect.  I loved the energy and it felt so good.

So I concluded that not only do I not like the idea of photoshop, it doesn’t make sense for me to do that in my banner picture, because again, my work is about truth… being honest and having integrity.

So that wasn’t sitting easy with me.

I hope all of this works out okay.  I am looking forward to getting the disc in the mail hopefully on Monday.