February 24, 2014

Spirit has been telling me to rest for the past week — weekend — and again today.

I think all this rest is so I am in a state of receiving as well as rest.

Rest because I feel I am going to be getting that phone call from a TV exec today, tomorrow, any moment now and it’ll be time for me to pack up and leave.

I think I shared with you, but lately I’ve been feeling my move will be to Atlanta GA – that’s where CNN / HLN is.  I am excited for it.  Plus it’s “only” an 8 hour drive so that’s easier for my mind to digest and get comfortable with rather than an 18+ hour drive to NYC.

I want to drive because I’m not shipping my Magic (dog)

So I wake up this morning and I read one article after the next that shows me that things are changing in TV.

First an article about Piers Morgan’s show being cancelled.  This means the slot will be open for me on CNN.

The article talks about the same TV exec who came on my radar several months ago when I was listening to Sally Jesse Raphael (I think it was her) talk about who discovered her.  It was this guy who saw her light and gave her a shot.  I wanted to reach out to him months ago but couldn’t find his twitter or anything else.

It doesn’t matter.  These people will find me 🙂

It’s better that way.

Then I read a story about Alec Baldwin and how he’s leaving TV


I’m astonished by this too.

It’s happening.  I’ve been dreaming about it in my head and I am in this positive expectation — certain expectation that I will get a call from a TV exec, be hired, and it’ll be time to move right away.

And this is the last week of February.  Rent is due in a week.  I think this is why the “rest” message again, so I can relax enough to daydream and receive.

That’s another thing, Spirit keeps telling me to daydream.

So I’m praying and I’m getting all my ducks in order.

It’s happening.  It’s happening right now. NOW.

And yesterday I was guided to go through my packed boxes AGAIN to eliminate even more stuff.  Spirit clearly wants me to bring the bare minimum of my items to my new life.  I get it.  This has been quite a process. Thank you.  I’m feeling good about it.  Settled, excited, happy, expectant.   The time is now. Thank you.