June 4, 2013

So the theme for my last week or two as well has been to daydream — and daydream bigger.

I feel so loved when I get these messages from Spirit.

Them constantly encouraging me to daydream — and then the vision presents itself and they are like BIGGER… MORE DETAILS.

I was reading an astrology update for my sign for the month of June.  It spoke about how now is the time to make my plans, be introspective, daydream because by the end of June and beyond I won’t be able to think about things so much, won’t be able to plan out so much — that things will be moving really fast.

And I love how these two messages have lined up.

That from Spirit / my angels

And the one from the astrology.

Two different sources, saying the same thing.

And that’s what i’ve been thinking and appreciating…. let me plan out my empire now, so that I can act when the time comes.  So I know the feeling I am going for.  The vision I am desiring when it presents itself.

So now, it’s time to relish this brainstorming about my shows.

I mean, come on… how cool has my life become?  From talking to that TV exec to working on one of HIS projects..

To then getting off the phone with the vision that I want it to be MY project – – the creator, consulting producer and talent.

To now in brainstorming all of that… the idea for two shows.

I mean, COME ON!!  How awesome is my life going to be?

I feel so loved when Spirit is like…more, more, more.

Because 1 – I know I’m going to get it

and 2 – That truly is a life of luxury and dreaming big and living life to the fullest.


And that’s what I desire, to experience all the fun and adventure and riches that my mind comes up with.

I’m thinking it’s time for me to make a new, updated list — of everything in my life – the dream big version.

And that’s what that psychic / healer told me two weeks ago… it’s its important for me to NOT SETTLE.

And that is the same message I’ve been getting for years with dating… although I did settle, compromise.  Not go for all I want.

But that’s my own stuff.  Fears, insecurities, value stuff to get over.

But I love that this is the plan for me.  That this is what I’m here to experience — and that also means this is what I’m here to share with others.


This huge life.

A life of luxury.

A life of using my imagination to go bigger… and bigger… and bigger.

I mean, I get these messages EVERY DAY — and several times a day, Spirit is saying to me DAYDREAM… and then when I do.. they say OK, MAKE THAT BIGGER!!