April 27, 2013

Since I’ve been speaking up more through my business, as in making all those videos, and asserting my power and influence out into the world, my throat has been a bit uncomfortable.

Not scratchy, just something a bit funny.

It’s my throat chakra — getting used to being in power. Speaking up.

I’ve always been quite verbal — but I realize this may have been more in speaking out for my weaknesses.  Not all the time — but this time, these videos, I am definitely being seen and speaking up about power — being in my power — sharing my strong opinions and helping others this way.

So I got special tea… this was several months ago, but have been drinking it hardcore these past weeks — to help with my throat chakra, nourish it — send it love for speaking out and doing something new.

So proud of myself 🙂

Well, in one of my videos (I Wimped Out) I spoke about how creative I am and how I used to write songs.

This is something I totally abandoned.  Yes, I would sing a line here and there that would come to me when I was out in nature — but this morning I woke up and wrote a whole song — just like I did when I was young!!!  I used to do this in my early 20s, maybe earlier than that… high school times. Yes, high school or earlier….

I used to have a whole notebook of songs and I remember singing it into a cassette 🙂

So I wrote a song yesterday!! It was fantastic!! Made me so happy and proud of myself.  It’s back!! That gift is back!! It never left, but it was definitely ignored.

Well the last month or actually more I’ve been thinking about it a lot and wanting to bring that part of me back.

And it’s here 🙂

I was so happy to write a song.

And it was the most fantastic song — about a money and living my dreams.  Totally fantastic lyrics.  Makes me so happy!!

I sang it for the 1st half of the day and then again right before bed.  (Had a lull in the middle of the day – was tired and strung out feeling) 🙁

So how fantastic!!!

I see myself working in more songs and dance in my workshops and private sessions.

I’ve always had this type of vision… but now it’s much more clearer.  I think before I couldn’t really picture it so great, although I knew it was there — just because I wasn’t doing it at the time.

But now I am.

So wonderful!!!

Makes me very happy!!!