March 11, 2013

Right now I have people enrolled in a three month program, but I think this needs to change.  Before I was doing it as a month to month program and I think I am going to move it back to that.

With a three month program it gives them the impression that they are done in 3 months – and with some they may be, but most will be continuing.  So I would rather just have it as a month to month enrollment and they can cancel when they are at a comfortable place.

I’ve been back and forth with this throughout my career.  In the past I used to do options between a 4 week, 6 week, and 8 week program.  Most people went for 6 weeks — but again, that’s not enough.  They would see changes right away, but I see over and over again that people need support in changing their thoughts and behaviors, otherwise they go back to old thought patterns.

So I’ll have to change it back…. again 🙂

It’s kind of funny, you’re always tweeking when you’re in business.  You don’t think it’s going to be this way, you kind of don’t want it to be this way, you want things to stabilize and continue doing things in one way, but both with this business and my event planning company – things were always changing.