July 7, 2013

Yesterday two times, small black butterflies flew towards me.  Like so close, that both times I had to dodge them, they were going towards my face.  This means something.  What?  I’m not entirely sure.  Butterfly has to do with change.  Black could be death or magic.  Death of the past?  Death of old way of living?  I also saw online that black butterfly could signify good news regarding your career.  Of course I like that meaning…. but only found it once.

So I need to write out some of my thoughts and figured I’d just do it on here.

Let’s take Trayvon’s parents point of view…

They think the cops were being racist.  Their son was shot and police not filing charges.  So they start protests.  Make a stink.

Okay, we want this to happen.  We want life / police, etc to be fair.

But they didn’t have any or enough evidence to bring him on charges.

So it’s not like I’m fighting for a “killer” which evidence and logic does not show…

But if there’s an injustice, people are upset, then this makes sense that people will protest.

So okay, fine.  Then bring him up on charges and let the court decide.

Don’t play it out on Facebook, twitter, the media.

Stop all the interviews.  Stop spreading gossip.  Just don’t talk about it.

But again, this should be allowed.  The rallying.  That makes sense, if you are convinced that someone did something wrong.

But as we see in court Trayvon’s mom is a proud woman.  O’Mara asked her that if it was NOT her son’s screaming for help on the audio that she would have to admit or at least consider the fact that her son may have done something to provoke his death.

She said “no.”

So is it that she doesn’t consider that… won’t consider it… or just won’t say it on the stand.. but maybe privately she does?

Is she looking at the other side?

I admit, I haven’t been, until now either.

Okay… so people protest and they keep passing around info saying “Zimmerman is bad” because they shot his son.  People are pissed, they are upset.  They don’t trust the police and maybe the government and rightly so.

Okay.  No one does.

Look how suspicious I am of the judge…

Okay.  Same deal.

So that’s it.  That’s our system.  That’s how the world works.  We dont’ want to give all our power to the police / gov’t to decide and this is fair —

But then what bothers me is the bully mentality and the inability to reason / look at the other side / and name-calling.

Let’s continue this in another post…

PS — Later, when I was in bed, Spirit told me the Black Butterfly means that I got my wings and it’s time for me to fly.  In my mind’s eyes I saw myself holding hands with an Ascended Master and jumping.  It was a beautiful feeling and I felt excited.