January 15, 2013

I’ve been meaning to share this post for awhile, so here it goes… 🙂

This lifestyle, the lifestyle of a healer or a teacher or a leader…. well what do you think it really entails?

I see the teachers / healers / leaders that I admire and the ones that I really, really vibe with, well what do you think they do all day long?

This has been a question of mine for awhile.  A wondering.

Of course there are some people that run around like a chicken with their head cut off.  Booking gigs, doing lunch dates to network, monitoring facebook, posting on twitter, busy, busy, busy, on and on… but I don’t see my life like that.

I’m not even tempted to do that anymore.  Instead I see my life like this, you go do a talk and then you chill out.  This could be for a few days or a week.  All this free time.  It’s the LIFE.

This means, since you are getting paid real nice for speaking gigs, that you have plenty of time to pursue other things.  Like, you know… intimate relationship, health / fitness, and hobbies.

For me, a big thing is always learning.  I freakin’ love it.

So now I don’t think this is the typical lifestyle of a speaker/healer/teacher/leader…. although who knows.  Most of these people, the energy I pick up on is pretty frantic, do, do, do – “let me stay on the top” or “keep getting followers” or whatever.

But I don’t really have that in me.  No desire.  For me, this lifestyle is great.  It’s about BEING.  Hanging out.  Hopefully more artwork… that always seems to get the backburner these days…. since I’m so involved in gardening, health/wellness concoctions and homemade natural beauty supplies, but go figure… I’m happy.    To me, it’s a hang out lifestyle and I love it.

Sometimes I will “wake up” and say, hey, what should you do today (as in work) but most of the time it’s just a little this or a little that.  No big deal and definitely not those hours upon hours of effort and hardwork that I’ve done.

Is it working for me?  Yea, I think so.  I guess we’re accustomed to judge our success by money we’re making. I’m making money.  I’m supporting myself.  I trust that the money will come and it has been.  I’ll keep you posted 🙂  (PS:  Of course there are so many other ways to judge success and if this lifestyle is working… you know, like peace and happiness)

Well today I feel a bit bored.  I think that’s also connected to being a bit tired.  So, oh well, keep on keeping on.  I put out a lot of energy in my business yesterday – today I am more in a rest cycle. 🙂