July 4, 2013

Well again another story of someone posting something on Facebook and then being put in jail.


There’s such this back and forth whether to share my opinions or not.

And now I’m thinking this is why you don’t reply to anyone on social media.

Man, I don’t know.  It’s like the media / police / country is on this war of us speaking out about anything.  This dedication to scare us from speaking up about anything.

Now this kid got into a fight with someone and said a stupid comment, but look how it was twisted.  And he’s only 18.

This of course concerns me just because you never know how someone will read into your comments.  And I happen to be very opinionated.  I pray for some clarity and reassurance on this. How I should proceed spreading my message of love and light.  I know I am to share this stuff, and the idea is to talk on important issues (i.e. Wendy Williams gossips and may say bad things, but it’s about celebrities and who cares… that’s not going to change the world, spread light) — the work I am to do here I know is to help spread love and light — hope and compassion.  I know this because almost everyday I pull a message from AA Michael or Metatron that I need to be speaking up and doing what I came here to do — to spread messages of hope and inspiration.

Please help.

Here’s a follow up of that story: