March 8, 2013

So remember how I’ve been telling you that I’ve been thinking about writing for TV (and film) lately?

Well, this ain’t no coincidence….

Yesterday I went to the library to pick up some things to watch.  I didn’t really know what I was going for, but figured I’d look through the DVDs they had to offer.

Since I ended up at the library right as they were closing (who knew they close at 6PM on Thursdays) I had to quickly just grab ANYTHING.

I scanned the shelves real quickly for TV Series and anything that caught my eye and seemed somewhat interesting.

But I had to do this SUPER FAST cause it was literally 6PM and I knew it was only seconds before they were screaming for me to get out of there — there was only librarians left in the place.

I grabbed WEEDS, a show that I’ve seen once or twice before… okay, I could see how that show is.

And I grabbed THE STARTER WIFE.  A series that I heard the name of before but have never heard anything else or watched it.  Well I grabbed Season 1 and 2.

I guess you can say I’m desperate to watch anything in the evenings — and am a bit tired of searching for things on hulu.

Anyway, I distinctly remember saying to my guides, this better be good, I have no idea what I’m even renting, I hope it’s not crap.

Well, funny enough… and this ain’t no coincidence… well the story line on STARTER WIFE, at least these beginning episodes is how this lady is a writer… and she’s going into meetings with top agent execs to pitch her tv series idea.



I think I can really do this.. I really feel it’s possible.  I just feel so excited thinking about it.  I really don’t know size and shape it takes form… but the idea makes me so excited and happy.  I love daydreaming about it.

So what a wonderful sign.  Spirit supports anything you want to do.

I absolutely have been loving writing each day.  I love the writer’s lifestyle and I love thinking about my writing and reading my writing and going to get feedback on it, etc.

I’m so excited for what’s to come.