February 21, 2014

I saw the movie THE UNDERGROUND which was about Julian Assange’s early days. How he became an activist and how he was a hacker when he was 17.

It seemed like his mom was an activist and he saw her protesting and heard about her causes and took it from there.

I also noticed how encouraging she was of him.  She kept telling him how gifted he was and that he can do anything.

Watching this movie I thought of three things — here, Julian took over his mom’s mission in the world, she molded him and he went from there, taking her work to a higher level cause I guess she wasn’t getting anywhere

And two — how we are brought into the most perfect environment to stew in that supports our life path in this world.

And three — he was doing this hacking and revealing of the truth since a very young age.  Before you have time to think “What is my purpose in this world” — he was doing it.

Back in high school and before, I was dreaming of being a star — a tv host — a multimillionnaire.

I was dreaming of having massive influence and power.  Fame.  Celebrity.

So this goes back to when we were all young.

We “know” what we are meant to do here.

For 2/3’s of my life I have been dreaming about this.  Two thirds!  That’s a long time to be having a prayer.

But it is what it is…. I keep working towards it.

Although I must say, that by now, I am a bit restless for it to happen.

This I think is why Spirit is giving me some rest days to play, relax, have fun, and just be — before I am to work towards my mission again.

It’s bound to happen.

And, again, it was nice to watch this movie of a fellow truth seeker, truth revealer and warrior.

I don’t know if he’s healed — as in an AWAKENED WARRIOR — but he is a warrior — and it’s time that more of us come together.