November 6, 2012

There comes a time in your journey where the truth will be revealed.  This may be the time it happens.  Right here, right now, as you read this post.  This may be the catalyst… the message… the truth that you are ready for.  It may be what your soul has been calling out for.  Now may be the time for you.  Right now.  Now.

That truth is this.  The weak become the most powerful.

There comes a time in your life when you realize that you have been playing small.  You have been presenting yourself as weak.  Weak to those around you.  Weak to family members.  Maybe you have been playing the role of victim or martyr.  Maybe to friends, you have been the outcast.  The weird one.  Maybe you have been the one who has been made fun of or mocked.

So you have gotten into this role of the one who knows knowing…the one who isn’t listened to… the one who is not valued.  The weak one.

But now, my friend, the truth is being revealed to you.  This may be the exact message you need to hear at this very moment in time.  This may be your catalyst.  Right here.  Right now.  In this moment.

You are not the weak one.  You are the most powerful one.

You are the powerful one.

You are.

Yes, you.

For you have been the one playing the role of weak.  The one “stepping down” and playing small, hiding, but that is no longer your role.

Your role is to release and heal those confines.  To release those false-hoods.  To release that weakness and step up and into your power.  For you are the one who has the wisdom.  For you are the one with the knowledge.  The knowing.  You have it.

Others just haven’t listened.  They just haven’t valued you.

Now the truth has been revealed.  The weak become the most powerful.

Not out of ego and not out of falsehood… but out of truth.

This is the truth.

And when you are ready, you will re-claim your power.

Like I said, this post, right now, right here, this may be the very catalyst… the message that you need to ignite it.