May 5, 2013

Now, there’s a thing about sharing your artwork — and it’s the same message that I’ve already learned and gotten over with most of my other work… and that’s the confidence that you must have… or have to have, when you share.

You see this has been a little adjustment with me in sharing my artwork.

I notice how I look towards other people to tell me “it’s nice” — at least I guess that’s what I used to do… although funny cause I never really noticed how I used to.  Not like I would ask anyone… but I always kept my artwork secret.  PRIVATE.


When I lived up north, I painted all over my walls in my apartment.  And there was a lot of wall space.  I painted it vibrant colors and I painted scenes on the walls.  I loved it.  The apartment was so cheery, and it was so me.

When my parents would come over, they had fun laughing at me.

It was really cruel actually — but at the time it was my normal.

So because my parents were always making comments (negative mostly / making fun of mostly) I hid my artwork.  Not from them, which I SHOULD HAVE since they were the assholes, but I kept my artwork private.  I loved it and that’s all what mattered.

But now I feel the desire to share it with others.  To expand my life.  I have a new vision of making and selling artwork on a regular – weekly basis.

Several days teaching Love Guru, then other days working on other projects.  One of those other projects will now be in my art studio.

Why not?

I can do it.  You can do it.

You can create any kind of life you’d like — so why not do it all!

So I notice that when I present my artwork I have to just go for it.

Just be proud of it.  Show the world I’m proud of it, cause I am.

Who cares what anyone thinks of it “secretly”

I think it’s really vibrant and colorful and I love it.

It’s valuable because I say it is.

Same old story that I learned with my Love Guru business — now being applied to my artwork.

No need to have any embarrassment about any of your gifts.

The next thing I’m unleashing is my dance / movement and my songwriting… I think, maybe… why not!

I’m multi-dimensional and I want to share it all.

No need to be embarrassed about any of these G-d given gifts!

I don’t want to be anymore.



It’s fun!!!

This is the life I want to live – and it’s up to me to give it to myself!