November 12, 2012

Ahh the sweet smell of clarity.  Does clarity have a smell?  I sure am feeling something nice on this end 🙂

I get it now.  I really get it.

Before I was hiding parts of me.  The shadow parts.  The dark parts.  The “un-attractive” parts… or at least that’s how I deemed them.

I was hiding these parts from how I presented myself on my videos and in my blogs.  And especially in student sessions.

Sure they would come out sometimes.

The intense side of me.

The passionate side.

The bossy side.

The neurotic side.

But overall I think I hid these pretty well.  Or at least spent energy (not realizing it) doing it.

But now I see these things differently.  I am working on appreciating them, healing them, and integrating them back into my Spirit.  They are who I am and with every trait there is good and bad to them.

So here it goes… and this is what I “get.”

I think in the past I was playing “Misses Nice Girl” – not being bossy – not being intense and in return not really letting the real me shine.

My passion.

Also as a result I was not attracting all the students that I wanted into my practice and was overall not feeling totally fulfilled with how I was working with students.

I always felt like I was holding back in one way or the other or doubting myself the other times.

I didn’t like it.  It wasn’t a good way to live, but I couldn’t figure out any other way.

But now I get it.  By doing this… and sharing my “false” self, I was attracting people who were not ideal matches to learn from me.  Not ideal to learn from me and not ideal for me to work with them.

So there was a disconnect all around.

Now there is a shifting period.

I realize that this passion… intense… bossy… neurotic person is who I am – and that’s okay.

The passion is what is needed to drive my business (and yours!) forward.  And when you are holding back in any way, it’s showing up on outcomes as well (your money, your clients, your fulfillment, and results your clients get)

All these things that I mentioned were shunned in me as a child, so I buried them.  I never learned to love ALL OF ME. (Hello!  No one has, even if you think you do… you don’t) 🙂

But now I am…. this is the adventure I’ve been on since 2004.  Layer by layer I get more into it.  Awesome.

So when I was holding back these “unattractive” parts of me… The Universe was also holding back on the results it was delivering for me in my business.

Now I am sharing all of who I am – and the shift is occurring.

This is great news and a great realization.  More freedom, more sharing of who I am, more students who know and love me for who I am, more helping, more fun, more powerful results, and yes, more income.  It’s a win-win-win-win.  Awesome!