May 12, 2013

I am here.  Here I am.  I’ve made it.  Ahhh.  Deep breathe, I feel so good.  So much expansion and love in my heart.

I am finally at a place to be able to share what I am doing through this blog.

Before too embarrassed or afraid.  I’ve cleared that now.  Hopefully all of it 🙂

It dawned on me yesterday and then today became clearer what is happening in my life.  I am going through this transition.  There’s no turning back, only forward motion.

I feel good, thank you.

I made this video today telling the world who I am and what I am doing.

I had to come get over some insecurities about sharing this with the world.

About letting them see me, with something so private, like money.

Before I have “arrived” at having loads of it, I needed to share myself as I am now.

I asked Spirit about this this morning and they said to me — you share now, as you are doing.

As you are on your path.

They said to me, you see how you already learned The Spiritual Way to Attract The One and how it’s old news to you?  How you do that teaching through online programs or in a quick spirt over a retreat?

Then they said, remember how you used to love talking about it back then — in 2004 when it was fresh and new and you were figuring it all out?

Well, just like back then – you see how passionate about this topic you are now?  NOW.


That made sense.

I get it.

Then what made me laugh, kind of.  Was how another bill came in today.  The yearly payment for my website was deducted from my account today.  Wow, has it really been a year since the last payment?  I couldn’t help but laugh.

Okay, Spirit.  I see how you are really bringing this on to me.

I need to move forward.  Keep moving forward and I didn’t have the reaction / panic like I was having just a week or so ago before I realized what Spirit was taking me through on this adventure….

But I get it now and I trust.

I trust because it worked last time when I was looking for love —

And it will work this time.