November 9, 2012

So there is a screwed up thing that has to do with society and Spirit and it’s this – our Spirit tells us it doesn’t matter what people think about us.

Spirit tells us only our opinion of ourselves matter.

Spirit tells us all others are only an illusion.  A mirror of ourselves.. and do not exist.

Spirit says focus on yourself.  You are the only one of importance.  Your care.  Your wellbeing.  Your thoughts.  Your feelings.

We can focus on ourselves and we can focus on our Spirit — yet, when we are trying to make our dreams come true, sometimes it does matter what others think.  It does matter what others do.

Let me explain.

Okay…. I’ll talk about it.. one of my big dreams is to get my books published.  I know I am a writer.  I know I have a gift at it.  I know I touch people and I know I am here to make a big difference with my writings.

Spirit says focus on me.  Focus on my writings.  Focus on what’s in my heart.  Don’t pay attention to what people say – whether they like it or not doesn’t matter.  It’s only a reflection of their own beliefs anyway.. focus on me.  My thoughts.  My opinions.

But, when it comes to getting your book published… other people come into play.  People who want to sell your book.  Your agent and your publishing house.  And they want numbers.

They want you to have a big following.  They want lots of Facebook fans.  Many Twitter followers.  Many people on your mailing list.  Many clients.  They want you to reach many and be loved by even more.

So there’s a conflict here.

On one hand we’re told that what others think about us doesn’t matter.

But then on the other hand we’re told that we need to “be popular” to be worth anything… in this example, get our book published.

I haven’t figured this out yet, but wanted to blog about it.

It’s been an annoyance in my mind for quite a while, although just now I am consciously sharing my thoughts.

This was the attitude, the confusion that kept me stuck for so long.  (I think).

The waiting for others to notice.

Spirit is telling me “Who cares” and “Fuck it” and “Go forward.  Take charge of this situation”

For months… maybe years I’ve been saying to Spirit, but I need more followers/fans/likes/views/students, etc.

Spirit says it doesn’t matter.

You make yourself a success.  You say your a success.  You don’t need any other to give their approval.

So I go forward.  Irregardless of what others say.  Irregardless of who will follow.

(How does this work anyway?  Well, guess we’ll see) 🙂