November 8, 2012

So that video I made about a week or two ago.  As you can see my life has changed so much since then.  I am more empowered in my business and in my life.  I’m enjoying more freedom with my career.  I’m having more fun and enjoying more laughter.

And friends, this is the relief that comes with release.

Once you release an old way of being and you fully step into the new you, you feel amazing.

You open waves of new energy.  New excitement.  New opportunities.  New creative ideas.

Those videos were of the old me.  I wanted to honor my journey so I posted them… although they are no longer who I am now.

I did this so you can benefit.  So you can see it’s perfectly normal to have emotions and it’s okay to express them.

I wasn’t hurting anyone through these videos.  I was just maybe stirring them up.  Stirring up their own shit.  Their own contraints.  Their own limiting beliefs.  Their own judgments.

And that’s what we do as Spiritual Teachers, Healers, and Leaders.

We stir people.

Sometimes people will love it and rejoice in your loveliness and other times they will be confused, upset, and get angry.

You are you.  You are a teacher, healer, leader and you share YOU.

You share what you came here to Earth to do and you do it fearlessly.

Hopefully you are inspired by my example and it gives you the courage to stretch yourself a little bit further.  Shine your light a little bit brighter.  So you, too, can spread your wings and fly.