November 10, 2012

As you may have picked up already, I frequently question things regarding my life path.  Questions about why millions are not already following me, “liking” me, and using my services.  Things along those lines.

I just got this insight and wanted to share it with you to help you along your path.

I was just meditating and this is what Spirit said to me…. which I got versions of before, but just now it was so clear and so perfectly said.  They said… “It’s all illusion.  Don’t believe the illusion.  You have had the experience that you’ve had so that you can, for yourself, understand your value. So you can see your gifts and talents and truly know they are yours.”

They said… “People will get fame and fortune at a young or premature age (premature meaning before they fully know who they are).  When this happens they get swept up in the storm of people telling them how great they are.  They get swept up on other’s perceptions of themselves.  That fame then ends up being something that imprisons them, because they end up needing others to validate them.  To tell them who they are.”

“Your path has been different.  It’s been in reverse.  You discover who you are so that you are firmly grounded in your own knowing and are not reliant on others to define you.”

Wow, what a gift.  Now I am able to settle in the knowing that this has all been a gift.

See, we can choose to look at everything that happens to us as a gift, but sometimes, until we know (this is for me sometimes I need this) the reasons behind why it’s a gift, we can still be unsettled – not in peace.

Now I am in peace with this knowing.

Wow,  thank you.