March 9, 2014

I have an obsession with TV that has to do with changing it.  Evolving it.  Totally transforming what we see one TV, what is “programming”

This came back into my mind today when I saw this new show called Chrisley Knows Best on the USA network.

The show is another one of those shows showing wounded people — this time showing dysfunctional parenting.

Plus it has a dose of the TV execs taking advantage of this man who has sexuality issues — although he thinks he’s just metrosexual – he’s actually a closeted gay.

What bothers me is that this is why the show sold.

The execs thought he and his family was entertaining — yes.

But the added bonus, the tipping point here is that since he’s in the closet and people are like “What the fuck” watching him — it makes the show highly controversial.

And controversial show like this — a trainwreck == lots of viewership and money.

So this taking advantage of someone — them being funny not just because they are, but because the joke is on them (according to viewers and TV execs) this bothers me.

It’s not in integrity and it’s just not right.

So like usual, I went on a twitter rant — and became even more focused on my mission to change – evolve – TV programming.

The time is now.

It needs to happen.

In order for us to raise the consciousness of society we need to put on people who are healed, to be the example, to show what is possible, to show what the norm or the ideal is.

This is how society evolves.

Not by putting on more dumb shows with lower consciousness thinking and behaviors.