June 26, 2013

The guy from the “bigger” network didn’t contact me back… yet.

It’s the end of the day and I’m thinking they won’t.  But that’s already a judgmental statement and I’ll withdraw that.

My point here is it doesn’t matter to me at this point.


Because he helped my idea get to the next level.

Today I had a really fun day (no boredom here – woohoo!) 🙂  – I went to a local zoo type place and got some great inspiration.  I love being out in natural settings with animals.  LOVE IT

And was able to ground the energy of the larger station and come up with a bigger, better idea.

So I have it now.

And now my focus is on these main stations — not just cable.

And to me, that’s dreaming bigger.

You know what amazes me — and makes me feel so loved and blessed is that Spirit keeps bringing me these scenarios and guidance to go bigger.

Some may think, dreaming up a tv show idea is a big dream.

And I would agree.

But Spirit has been like — go bigger… and then let’s go bigger than that.

Wow.  That really came over me today when I was in the shower thinking about it all.

Makes me feel so loved.

I’ve never been that supported by anyone before and I feel so blessed to have relationship with source.  Really blessed.