June 24, 2013

I woke up this morning thinking about contacting car companies for sponsorship.  My thought is to call car companies and speak to someone on the phone to pitch the idea.  And to email and/or mail pitches to magazines about my idea.

Blogging / writing articles about my trip out West.

My thought is that the car companies are the way to go.  They have a bigger budget and I intuitively feel they would be more open to my idea.

–  Female driver

– Attractive female driver

– Young girl going cross country

– Selling trucks to more women

– Promoting driving trips (when it’s actually cheaper to fly these days) — promoting the adventure

– And then with my fun, playful twist.

(Do I have this playful twist anymore?  I was looking at old marketing of mine yesterday and that was playful.  Now I just feel old and boring.  I need to clear that stuff up.  Bring back more of that playful Spirit)

So the thought again was that the car companies were the way to go to get the car and the money sponsorship I’m seeking.  And that I could write an article here and there for a magazine but that for the frequency I want to write and the budget they have it wouldn’t be supportive for what I want to do.

So then I went on a walk with Mr Magic.

And the idea came to put up a website documenting this journey.

Countdown clock.  Pictures.  Videos.

Making it fun.  I could write about each place I stop.  Each destination.

Again, the intention here is to have fun and to have an adventure.  And that’s why I want to drive.  To feel free.  And to get financially supported to do my adventure.

And this is a big deal — cause yes I know people drive cross country everyday – but the deal here is to ENJOY LIFE and ENJOY THE ADVENTURE rather than rushing from point A to point B which is what I notice every person doing on these trips.

So the idea came for me to put this blog.

Yes, like the marryblaire.com blog.

And then the thought was like — how is this unique.  Like I just wrote above, everyone everyday is driving cross country.  No big deal.  But same deal with looking for love.  That’s happening every day of the week — but still my site went up and it was unique and people loved it.

So it’s how I do it which makes it unique.

And then the nasty thought was that — “oh you’re doing the same thing as MarryBlaire, because that was popular — and what if this website doesn’t go off.  What if it’s not popular?  Then you’re going to look like an ass and a copycat – doing something you’ve already done before”

Well, yea…

This is what I’m dealing with.

But this time, rather than putting the stuff up just like that — I’m going for the sponsor first.

And Spirit keeps reminding me how I went for a sponsor (sponsors, actually) for my Bachelorette parties and how it was much easier than I thought to get product.

But my mind says, well that was free product.  You’re asking for product and money.  A true sponsorship.

And then the thought was sadness — amongst my confusion — because here Spirit is giving me an idea and I’m questioning it.  That’s sort of disrespectful, you know.  Their other ideas I go with, whereas this one I’m like “are you sure?  Is that a waste of time?  But what if no one sponsors, then I won’t write…”

Stop it.

No wonder Ganesh was one of the cards I pulled today — to clear away blocks that I set in front of me, fears from my mind.

Yes, thank you.

So let me have fun in creating this website.  See what comes up.  Keep it private, then contact car companies to see if they are interested in sponsoring.

I see how Spirit gave me the idea and I’m like…. tell me how it ends.  Will I be successful at it?  Will I get people to sponsor me?

And that’s where my Creativity card that I pulled today comes into play.  Create for the fun and joy of it.  You always create something when you play like this.  You’re not fully expressing yourself.  Go create and if you don’t like what you create you can go back to the drawing board.

Yes.  Right.

Where did all this fear come from.  Worry about doing it right.

Fear of doing it wrong.

I want to release that.

I want to trust and KNOW that this will bring me money.  That people will enjoy the website.  That I will get several sponsors with product and money to do my trip for 3-4 weeks.

To live a fuller more adventurous life.

And the thought, again keeps coming to me how people said with MarryBlaire.com it was like I was doing my own TV show.  And I was.  I “produced” that all myself.  All for the fun of it.  Everyone loved it.  It was a win-win all around.  And that’s what I want here too.

The other thought is that this is totally how I want to live my life.  It’s actually how I envisioned it for a long while, just forgot about it… put it off to some far off place.

But again that place is here.

To come up with creative ideas — creating things I want to experience — ways I want to live my life — and then to have people sponsor / pay me to share them with the world.

And that’s the beauty of it.  That’s the way life should be — and that’s the way it is.  If you dare to go after it.  The creative lifestyle….

This adds to the world.

I’m a love expert.  I’m a spiritual teacher.  I have a different way of viewing the world.  I teach through my experiences.  People learn when they are going through things with me.

And what a great time to blog about this — when people do trips — over the summer.

Also, I remember this idea has come to me a few times before which I didn’t follow up, gave up too soon about.

One was an idea years ago to put up a MarryBlaire type site documenting my steps into Entertainment again.  Getting a TV job being in front of the camera.

And the other one was when I went through countries with my ex, I wanted to write about my summer abroad.

These were two missed opportunities that I let my mind think small and/or talk myself out of it.

I do want to be adventurous and go for these things.

Again… the thought of what if I’m wasting my time putting up this site… what if no sponsors.

But get it together Blaire.  That’s where you need to “fix” your mind.  See only the positive.  Calling on my AA friends (Michael and Metatron) to support me.   Thank you!

PS:  I started building my new website and then decided to eat breakfast.  Sat outside on my patio – and there he was.  My bright green lizard friend.  I’m now convinced he lives in the tree right in front of my patio.  I’ve seen him there enough to know this by now — and it’s so sweet of him the times over this last year (maybe) that he’s come onto my patio to say HI.  He’s my neighbor 🙂  He’s also sharing powerful lizard totem medicine with me.  Thank you my dear.  I appreciate your help.  (Funny how today he just gave me a little glimpse of him and then disappeared around the tree — funny)


Lizard medicine is the shadow side of reality where your dreams are reviewed
before you manifest them physically.

If you have a Lizard totem, listen to our own intuition above anyone else’s.