May 7, 2013

Here’s her email to me this morning.
Dear Blaire,

thank you for your message, but unfortunately I also came to the conclusion for myself now that I would like to leave Blairsland again. There are certain things which are not working for me. First, it is not okay for me to have even testimonials on your advertisement for your blog only for me to later find out that there is only you and me. There was no way for me to know about that before I made my decision to join. I mean I really don’t mind you at all, just the opposite, when I would not have been interested in what you have to say, I would not have joined your blog in the first place, but I did sign up and pay for a site where I can meet other people and exchange experiences with them as well, which is not what the site in reality is. Therefore I need to ask you for a refund. Second, I don’t like the fact that I only get to read one of your posts every other day and besides that only one which is already many month old, when you say yourself that in many instances you don’t even think the way anymore you have been thinking when you did write those posts in the past. Please don’t take it personally, but I think I am old enough to decide for myself when and where and how much new information I can and want to take in. From my perspective, energetically you are asking me to look up to you and make myself smaller than you are and I am not willing to do that. My input is just as valuable as yours is and in your blog you get my up to date stuff and I pay for sharing it while you share only old stuff and make money. Sorry, again, but this is not working for me. And in the end, you need to make the decision if you see this as valuable feedback or not, for me it was just important to tell you the truth. And last, when I ask you if you are sharing your personal experiences about attracting the one, I mean exactly that I don’t want to receive advertisement for your calling in the one courses. I personally perceive this to be super ignorant towards my person. I respect that you want to make more money, but if you ask me, that is not the right way. I wish you the best for your future anyway, but I guess I only got triggered by your super evolved stuff and there is no need to look at yourself whatsoever. But who cares …
Here’s my response…..
XX, I’m surprised that you cancelled your membership this morning although you clearly were receiving value from the information you received.  All your blog posts are positive on how the site was shifting you — that was what you signed up for, that is the value you are receiving.

The testimonial for the site is up there because it also helped another.  That has nothing to do whether that person is still a member or not.  It also has nothing to do with the growth and healing you’ve already started receiving through the website.
As the site says, you receive one post every other day.  This is the way the site works so you can shift one day at a time, again, that’s what it has been doing for you.
Don’t you see how your own stuff is being brought up by the email I sent you?  Would you have rather I ignored you?  I’m thinking yes.  That is unfortunate and that is a pattern you will have to work through, now back again, on your own.  All you need to experience is your own healing and view someone who has already gone through it – to show you the way.  That is what the site promised and that’s what the site delivered.  As you will also note, there are no refunds.
I am sorry to see you leave and find it unfortunate since all your blog posts were showing how you were receiving healing.
Also I will add, that you were the one who asked me for more information on how to attract the One and I was just providing that information to you.
Clearly that is not part of what this site offers and no where is that advertised.
Here are some of my initial thoughts….  focusing on me here…
1 – I felt concern when she signed up, that she was the only one on Blairesland.  I questioned whether taking down the FORUM but decided to keep it up there as it’s a valuable place where people are able to transform
I have no idea.  That’s why I’m writing this out now to get a realization cause I’m sick of this shit!!
I thought this was a mature way of reasoning and figuring things out, how I wanted to proceed.  Consciously creating my business…
I still agree with that line of thinking.
2 — I felt so pissed for using my time and energy to write her such a nice original email.  I didn’t have to email her back at all.  She should have been grateful for that.  But instead she was not.
I think this is part of the block… don’t have all the pieces of it yet, but I trust I will by the end of the day if not sooner.
3 – I felt concern when she asked about other members of the site…
I think this is part of the block… again, same reasoning as #2
4 – I felt mad that I spent time to share with her the reason why people left…. I didn’t have to do that… but figured what was the big deal to share.  Maybe I should have kept this to myself?
Maybe this is part of the block???
5 – I felt mad that I spent time responding to her email.  I should have just ignored her.  It’s the feeling of damned if I do, damned if I don’t.
If I don’t respond, people are pissed that you are ignoring them.  This is one of my wounds, it’s one of other people’s wounds.
If I do respond, then I may say something that rubs someone wrong… what’s the point of spending my time / energy to respond anyway.
I know these thoughts are part of the block.
6 – I feel mad that someone can act so nice, come into my community, I’m happy to have them be apart of my community and then they want to leave.  Or ask for a refund, or something.  This pisses me off.  This goes into #7
7 – This is why I don’t want to develop relationships with people.  It’s that feeling of putting my love, time and energy into people and then getting shit on.  I feel like with this email she shit on me.  Wrote a nice email at first to reel me in and then shit on me.  FUCK THAT.  This is why I guess I should just respond to people who are paying me the big bucks, higher level students who have paid for personal interactions with me.  Because now it’s a feeling of being used.  Giving of myself and getting shit on back.
This is part of the block.
I will clean my home (I”ve been guided to today) and clear out this past shit.. I will sit in silence and take it easy on myself.  I’m ready to gracefully, easily release the thoughts that are blocking me.  I’ve been having this intention and prayer all week — for two weeks, where the fuck is my help?  And on top of all of that, I need more money to live.
So fucking pissed.
Here’s her original email, in case you’re interested… I’m sure you are 🙂
I’m including this in here for the sake of seeing my growth in a week, two weeks, month or more.  Happy to release all this bullshit.
(my original – automated – email is mixed with hers)

Hi again!

Hi Blaire,

While you are getting adjusted to the site, I wanted to drop a line
to ask you some questions.

Here are my answers to your questions:

I’d like to get to know you better.

1 – What’s your name and how old are you?
Are you single, married, divorced?

My full name is x, but most people right now call me x as this is the name I most of the time used in the past to introduce myself. Lately I started to give people my full name and let them choose what they want to call me, also giving them the option to create their own version of a nick name for me out of the given names as I personally like the other two names of myself as well and don’t feel like only x anymore. So, feel free to choose what you want to call me and in case it should completely not work for me I would let you know and ask you to change it. I am 33 and single, still working on manifesting “the one” and “wanting to get married”.   

2 – What drew you to BlairesLand — what are you struggling with —
and what would you like to grow and heal through?

As far as I remember I went online a few weeks back in order to do some research on twinflames again when I came across your main webpage. I already could really relate to your insights and experiences, so I signed up for your newsletter. Then, over the course of the last couple of weeks I received some of your video messages and I could relate so much to what you had to say and I realized that it made my own process so much easier just through knowing that somebody else is making the same experiences. I think what particularly drew me to sign up to blairsland in the end, and believe me, I have gotten around in the field of holistic health, is the fact that you circle it around the process people go through. On my own path, I had great teachers, healers, mentors, and I still do, who have been giving me all the tools you need in order to create the most amazing life out there, but what has been missing most of the time was a space in which I could create my own transformation, especially on the emotional level. I still always had to do this in private and completely by myself. So I feel like on blairsland I have exactly that space now I have been missing in the past where I can create that wanted transformation of myself and for myself while witnessing it myself at the same time.

What am I struggling with? That is really a good question. Now that I have to answer it straight forward I feel like I can get to the bottom of it. I feel like a few years back I have gotten a message from spirit who my twin flame actually is and what our shared mission in this life would be. As a few weeks later he ran and I broke into pieces because I did not understand what was happening whatsoever and got seriously confused as a result, I started to question if I really got this message from spirit or if I just made it up myself because that is what I would have wanted the situation to be. I also didn’t understand how I should carry out the mission by myself, so on the side of developing my business I didn’t make any progress anymore. After I kind of got out of the most intense healing crisis I ever encountered, I got the job from spirit to start getting a PhD in x as well as to heal a xxx (animal). So I did. Now I find myself in a position in which I can’t swim around this issue in my business anymore and postpone the development of my business any further, because if I do, I will go broke, which is something I basically and literally can’t afford at all. Maybe it is even closer to the truth to say I already am broke now and want to get out of this again. So what I want and need to heal through is to release my blocks to showing up in the business world again by myself, at least in a first step, as I also believe that once I accomplish this, I will automatically attract in the right guy anyway. Maybe he will even be my first customer or so, who knows. I also should add that I would like the process to be fun and easy and gentle and that I would like to make my first money the new way at the latest on Monday May 6th. I have the whole weekend to have fun with it and am really curious how far I will get.     

This is a great way to focus your mind and send a message to Spirit
that you are ready to raise your vibration and consciousness to
the next level.

Feel free to add anything else you’d like to share with me.

In case you have some special insight you would like to share with me, feel free to contact me any time. I am happy to receive any information which helps me to finally get this aspect of my life together. In case you still have your blog posts about how you attracted in your guy, I would be happy to read them as well. And before I post my first blog post on blairsland, I actually would like to know if my posts automatically can be seen by everybody who is on there or can I keep them private for myself as well in a first step? Can I also read what others have to say or can I maybe just read this once I started to blog myself?  

You’ll learn more about me through reading my blog posts, but also
I think it’s important for me to share with you that I no longer
think in many ways that I shared on the blog.

Why is that?

Well, I grew out of my fears.  Released thought patterns that no longer serve me.
And stepped more into my power.
That’s the magic of this blog, it’ll change you!

More on that in the next email, for now, please hit reply and tell me
a bit about you.

Welcome again!


Take care, talk to you soon, xxx. 


Hi xx 🙂  That’s the name I decided to call you, if that’s okay 🙂  I also really feel called to call you x.  What a pretty name.  Actually, both of them together are too.

Thank you for sharing this information about yourself and it was so nice to get your email.
Let’s see, to answer your questions (I hope I am getting them all) – about Blairesland, as of now you are the only one going through the Adventure.  The others who were on the journey dropped off because of various reasons, namely they got triggered 🙂  So please make sure you watch that video of where I talk about being triggered (it’s on the first blog post I think) – that’s a recent addition, as I think it’s important to realize that this may happen through the website.  My best advice would be to just focus on how the blog posts make you feel and the thoughts that come up — and blog about everything related.  This will help you clear through everything, grow and heal.  It’s what has always helped me move forward.
But as others join, yes, they will see your blog posts and you will see theirs.  As you see, you can change your name and that’s totally fine by me whoever would like to be incognito.  We’re all sharing private stuff on the site for the sake of growth and healing.
As for the blog posts about how I attracted “the One” etc – those will be available in my book that will be published sooner or later.  Don’t want to get too much into that as you’ll read about those details on the blog.  What I do offer for whoever wants to attract the One two options — an at home study course and an in person retreat.  The at home study course spans 5 months, but you become magnetic and start clearing and manifesting things right away, it doesn’t take the 5 months to start seeing shifts – although there is a lot of information and I wanted to provide the support so the program ended up being that amount of time.  The retreat is 4 days of working with me in person, you get the information quickly, you get the personal attention and support, and then you go home and have 8 weeks of manifestation activities to apply to your life.  The total of that program is 9 weeks (a bit over 2 months).  I’ll share the links below.
Also, I wanted to add, that regarding finances, I talk about that a lot on this site as it’s what Spirit is currently guiding me through.  How to make more money using my gifts and talents with ease and grace.  Gaining confidence in being out there, in sharing my light, etc.
I trust that info was helpful.  Looking forward to seeing you grow and heal through the site.  And ohh, you can’t see past blogs because as the students left, I deleted their forum thread for their privacy — but yes, it would have possibly been nice to see those changes within them as well.  In any event, as more people join you guys will be able to see one another’s growth.  For now, you will be witnessing  yourself and mine 🙂
Sending you lots of love!