January 11, 2013

We are constantly told – at least those on the spiritual path or those teased or left out – that what other people think doesn’t matter.

I believe this.

But the irony here is something that I don’t quite get just yet.

You see, “in the real world” it does kind of matter what other people think.  With selling a book, most agents and publishers are looking for how many followers you have on Facebook and Twitter.  How many people are on your mailing list.  How many clients you serve.

This is all stuff based on the outside world.  What others think.

When you do live events, you can not be concerned with what other people think, but if you are teaching events that low or no people show, well that matters as well.  People begin to wonder.. why are more people not there.

If you are looking to win the Presidency, it matters how many votes you get.

If you are going to cause a movement to happen, it matters how many people follow you.

All these things are based on outside circumstances.  All of them.

So here I can be unconcerned about what others think, but those around me care about that.

I can’t run for presidency with just a few people voting for me.  Or actually, I could TRY to run but I wouldn’t get voted in.

I could hold events if low or no people come, but that’s not getting me so far.

There are so many examples I can give here, but I’m sure you get the idea.

I don’t understand this yet.

I know that we should develop our ideas without the “good opinion” of others, but then once we have that opinion or offering or message we want to get across — the truth of it is, we need people to be listening… to be following… to be “liking”