June 26, 2013

Well, once again the BEE totem appears in my life.

This time on a webpage, a place where I would have NEVER noticed it — except for the fact that I happen to be zoning out while I was looking at the page… and my eyes looked up and it said “The Incredible Bee”

Wow.  Fantastic.

And once again, the bee means — no matter how impossible the dream, the bee gives the promise of it being possible.

Something like that…

And thank you Spirit, because I was just thinking about some stuff with TV and my situation.

I have been hanging out on some tv production / creation blogs, learning the trade more — I love learning about it, cause this is who I am and who I’m meant to be — plus I’ve always loved TV and I’m really good at it, knowledgeable, creative, have the mind and passion for it.

It really amazes me that it’s taken me so long to get back around to it — but I know I was being groomed and I’m right where I need to be, so I’m grateful for that.

But on this tv blog/website I asked a question about copyrighting one’s idea.  And my main concern these days — when I present an idea, I want to make sure I’m part of the production staff of it and I get a credit for creating it.

Again, it’s not just about me hosting the show / being on TV (which by the way, years ago I would have JUMPED at this offer… although that’s not true… actually not at all.. since I turned it down with the MarryBlaire website) — but for me the juice is in being able to produce it.  Put out a quality work that has good teaching and inspiration, bettering society — and of course being creative with it…

So it’s a must that I figure out how to present this work, to be on the same page with someone that they understand this.  That I’m not interested in JUST hosting it.

So I tried to ask this question — the how to – of doing this online and this guy gave me this whole answer about how I should just want to sell my idea.. how I’m lucky to host it.. how I shouldn’t ask to be put as the creator of the show… and on and on.  Basically trying to kill my dream.

But he doesn’t know who I am — and not in a cocky way saying that — he’s coming from the standpoint of being a writer and trying to get a show on air… but I’m coming as a host/expert wanting to create my own show, not just hosting it.

There’s a difference in perspective.  And also it’s an anonymous blog and you’re writing a short answer so it’s not like he gets to know the whole answer.  Plus there’s fear going on there… and maybe that’s the Hollywood mentality — when of course you’re around all these producers, writers, talent all day long – everyone hustling to make something happen.

So someone may look at me (very likely) that I’m an anomaly and what am I trying to do — and it’s the “impossible dream”

Wow, isnt’ that interesting how that just came around to the BEE again.  I was going to get to him in another way… but that’s what the bee shares… no matter how impossible something seems, the promise of it being possible is there.

So thank you.

Staying in my own energy.  My own thoughts.  My own beliefs and my own dreams.  This will happen because I believe it can happen.  And that’s the end of that story. It’s also the truth of it. Amen.

PS:  I worked out today — 10 minutes legs, 10 minutes laps (swimming).  Feel really good, complete, tired.  Happy.  Had fun.   More life force.  I was going to go to open mike today cause I was so bored, but I see how working out brings more fun into my life.  I’ll put this on my calendar and start doing it 2-3 times a week consistently.  I’ve been slacking with it, but I see how it makes me so much more happier.  Thank you.