July 7, 2013

It’s clear to me that we are truly divided as a country.  Black and white has been brought to the forefront when black and white shouldn’t even be in the question, since this guy is Hispanic.

But yet, most/many/some black people don’t seem to take that into account.

I’ve basically ruled out having black friends now.  Even a post on my Facebook and I see this anger and pain from black community.

Are there any blacks out there that have been watching this case that think Zimmerman should be found not guilty?

I just tweeted that — no responses yet.  We’ll see….

I just got up, walked around for a few secs — looked at time and it was 2:15PM and I was thinking, wow there goes the whole day again, I’m not hungry but should eat lunch.. then I walked away for a few secs (filled with high emotion, pissed at what someone wrote on my FB, I’ll post it… and looked up at it was 11:47AM) — that was a really quick time jump.  And now I’m shaking.  Glad I have the day back.

Here’s the posts… (this is in response to what I posted on here and there the other day)

  • GUY:  I wonder what world you love in. Truly.if you could walk in another’s shoes for one day….
  • ME: I live in an awakened world. The more you heal yourself and the unconscious thought patterns that have been passed down to you from generation to generation to generation, you see the world with new eyes. A totally different perspective – and you become empowered, rather than stuck in victim mentality.
  • GUY:  You would have never ha the opportunity to ever experience anything close to what a Trayvon Martin does on a daily basis. Whether there is evidence or not it’s pretty apartment that a boy is dead regardless of the cause because of racial profiling.
  • GUY:  You would have had the opportunity to ever experience anything close to what a Trayvon Martin did on a daily basis. Whether there is evidence or not it’s pretty apparent that a boy is dead regardless of the cause because of racial profiling. GZ was not a police officer. His house was not being broken into. Why did he even get out of his car in the first place. Actually ignoring instructions from those who did have jurisdiction? Fail. Second degree murder or manslaughter would be justice
  • ME:  I’m sorry, I can’t get into this with you. Been dealing with it all day and I’m tired and need to take care of myself. You are welcome to view my videos on the subject to see another perspective. If not, that’s fine too. Good night.
  • GUY: Oh and do you tell women in abusive relationships to get off their victim’s mentality?
  • ME:  Um, actually I do. I empower people – been doing it for years.
  • GIRL:  Its very unfortunate that you feel that way and are so adamant about this unrealistic world you have managed to create! I lead my life and teach my children how to put there best foot forward no matter the circumstance or situation. However, already at just 5 years of age I have had to address certain issues and words with my daughter that we dont use in our home because little white kids in school use these words. So, if you’d like for this unrealistic world to exist then lets stop acting like these issues don’t exist. I am not a victim nor do I act as if I am one but I know what’s real and whats not! When the nurse at the ER tells me to take my child to the free clinic when my insurance info is clearly stated on the record! Or when the teacher at my toddlers school is more concerned on whether my child has a “weave” when she clearly doesn’t. Is that not racist? Racism exists in many forms… Its not just using the N word!
    Racial profiling is a reality. Racism and discrimination is a reality. I do believe that my people can be as equally discriminating, especially to one another, in this regard. Referring to our own selves with the names and slurs we were abused and victimized with for more than 500 years is alarming, hypocritical, and degrading. For anyone of any race to refer to anyone of any race with a slur of offense and prejudice is disturbing and should be equally held in accountability. To be very clear, it is my assumption that Mr. Zimmerman racially profiled this young man. He didn’t not criminally profiled this young man. There is a huge difference. He did the right and logical thing in notifying the authorities of Trayvon’s “suspicious” activities but Mr. Zimmerman failed to adhere to the authorities orders to forgo pursing this young man. He took it upon his own self to continue to pursue Trayvon and consciously chose to take the safety off of his gun and to confront Trayvon for inquiry. He also failed to notify himself as a local Crime Watch member when encountering Trayvon. Mr. Zimmerman is not and was not an officer but behaved as such. My father is a police officer. Every month, they are given new criminal profiling information and strategies. Criminals come in all shapes and sizes. I am more than confident that Trayvon was not the only kid wearing a hoody while exiting a store and walking around the neighborhood. Being the only African-american kid? More likely. Mr. Zimmerman didn’t behave rationally after making his initial 911 call. He behaved with an intent. An intent far exceeding his authority. Was Trayvon identifying Mr. Zimmerman as a “Craker” over the phone to his girlfriend appropriate or acceptable. No. It speaks directly to the state of our collective communities and how we choose to explain the world around us. Isn’t okay for anyone of any race to use racial slurs to express views, absolutely not. There essentially were no winners here from the beginning. I appreciate what you’ve shared in regards to Collective Karma. But in order to get “there” we must recognize and accept “here”. We must pay attention and witness what is actually happening here for us all nationally. It is equally important not to lament over being Here. We can’t transcend suffering if we continue to make it an ultimate truth. There is a huge karmic dynamic between our cultures that need to rest, just like there are dynamics within each of our own communities that need to rest. It will. With this trial we must adhere to the facts. We must strive to keep our hurts, culturally, at bay as we reach resolution. We must have a fair and impartial trial.
  • ME:  Thanks xx for your post. While I disagree with you on some details as far as what Zimmerman should or should not have done as well as his mindset, we can leave it at that. This case is a great opportunity for America to see our wounding and heal it and of course we both have our different views as to how this will come about. I look forward to seeing you reach out to your community as I am within mine.. and yes, I’m talking black/white as this has highlighted to me how we are truly divided.
  • ME:  yy while I appreciate your weighing in on the conversation (I just saw your post ) and see how you experience racism, I find it totally inappropriate for you to bring up something back from.. 1999? 2000? We barely knew one another over a period of a few months, hardly hung out and were mere acquaintances. I have no idea what you’re talking about w/Miami, since I was the one who showed you around the hip hop spots down there. Please stop.
    So here’s the deal… I usually (changing this to…)  I used to empower people through private sessions based on their own individual personalities and issues.
    But it’s clear here that this is a collective.
    So how do I bring healing to the collective?
    The girl is sharing details of how she is still experiencing racism.  How does one step out of this paradigm?
    Come on.. I know this…
    Let’s take a less heated example, the one that the guy gave me above.  A woman being abused in a relationship.
    Yes, she has to step out of the victim mentality.
    Do I tell her this?
    Yes, but in a different way… it’s mixed with real life examples, exercises, activities for her to do… and then somewhere in there, after a few sessions or maybe within the first one, I’d say, you’re making yourself a victim.
    So how again do I do this, let’s make this more specific…
    She’s not aware of her power.  She has choice to react differently to this man… she can leave. She can not continue the cycle.  She can make a new decision.
    Again… do not talk to the blacks.  They will listen to your video out of curiosity, to be included.. but I think it’s pretty clear blacks are not my audience.
    How crazy is this… is this 1930 something?  1950 something?
    How really, really crazy.
    Holy shit.  Shaking again.  That’s why I had a time warp with the clock… I’m going back there.
    Our society is back there with it’s collective…
    That’s why when I was watching the Million Hoodie March it had the same energy.  That’s why I was seeing it clairvoyantly as the same energy as Martin’s Million Man March.  Let me watch that video.
    I’m shaking…. again.
    Feel like I’m going to cry.
    What the fuck is going on.
    Yes, I am crying.
    Oh g-d, it’s like this wound is in me.  Crying for the black man.  Somehow I’ve been effected by this.  For real, was I Martin?  What is going on?
    Let me watch the video now.
    Oh g-d, Million Man March was not from Martin’s days… it happened in 1995.
    And look, now I’m lead to this video by Louis Farrakan about dumbing down of america.
    Okay, I think I need a shower.  Need to step away from this.
    Still don’t know what’s going on here… will just research and be open.  And why the fuck am I reading so much about Black History if I feel so much hate from them towards the white man.
    My mind/ego is like fuck them/why bother.
    But my heart is you know better/ you’re being lead here… there’s something here for me to do.  What is this?  I don’t know.  So I continue… (crying again)
    G-d, this is so fucking emotional.