April 11, 2013

Today I dropped off another piece of paper having to do with my divorce.  The lady behind the counter who knows me by now said “don’t give up (or keep going, I can’t remember) – you’re in the final stretch!!”

And that was the thing that sang to me.  Yes, I’m in the final stretch!

This is what I’ve been thinking and it’s great to have outside confirmation.

I’m in the final stretch of my divorce proceedings!  Hopefully the next time I hear from them will be with my court date!  This is great because 1) I will be done with that relationship and be able to totally be complete with it.  Divorce really draws out a breakup, not good.  and 2) Because i’m in the final stretch with my career and money and bringing myself to the next level.

These last few days (I think it’s been days) have been hard.

And you know the saying, sometimes it’s darkest before the dawn.

Well, also last week I was thinking at times, Oh man, I get so tired.  Keeping my energy high, keeping positive, and keeping putting energy out there – – to keep going with career goals.  Holding the energy.

Well — when a runner is running a race they keep going until they cross the finish line.

So I keep going, going, going – RUNNING.

You run like hell until you cross that finish line.

What a fabulous sign.  I will keep that energy up — and see myself crossing that finish line, I am a success!  And yes, I’m doing it!!!