June 24, 2013

So there are different methods one can get paid for their creativity work.

1 – There’s the method of putting it out there and attracting money and other opportunities (like I did with MarryBlaire.com) — that one I didn’t like.  Didn’t work out too well for me financially… although with that website, that was not the intention.  The intention was to find the “One” – which I did, myself + an easier way to attract “the One” as in a partner.

2 – Then there’s the method that you sell to someone before you do the work — this is the way I was pursuing before — by contacting TV execs to pitch my TV show.  Selling my book before it was complete.  Contacting magazines to sponsor my adventure out West.  Same deal with automobile companies.

3 – And then there’s the method that you create the piece of work and charge people to read it — that’s how I’ve been doing with the BlairesLand.com website which has worked so-so, maybe not as hoped for.

So three methods.  I’m sure there are more, but these have come to my mind this morning, showing how I’ve been doing all the different types already.

Oh gosh, I see how I’m going into over-think mode.

I’m sticking with method #2 for my TV show — as well as this trip out West.

My intention is to create this website to show potential sponsors.

That I’m a brand.  That I’ve created it — and asking them if they want to hop in the excitement before I launch it.

Whereas MarryBlaire was that same “brand” model — but it went live and then everyone wanted to get involved (well not everyone) on something I had already created.  (I was talking to diamond companies… for the ring)

So this is — here’s what I’m creating.  Do you want to be involved in the production?  Type of deal.

Whereas the magazine pitch or the car pitch without a website is more like — please, do you want to do this for me, so I can then write about it?

Whereas this has the “I’m moving ahead no matter what” type of feel — although I don’t want to share my journey publicly — cause again it goes into me teaching — if I’m not being paid to do it….

This the “issue” these days — but also it’s the lesson, because it’s showing me a new way to go about these things.  Creative idea first, then get sponsorship, then offer to the public and that’s how I teach.

Okay…. just keep going step by step.  Not going to figure it all out now by the mind.  You know this 🙂