March 23, 2014

Today I got great clarity about why I’ve been guided to study more about the Illuminati – teach about it – and why I’m the best man (woman) for the job.

It seems like Illuminati talk always goes back to Satan and Christianity and Bible quoting.

I can’t help but feel that the Illuminati is possibly misunderstood.

I still don’t understand why the poison in our water (flouride) — or in our food (GMOs) — or in our air (chemtrails) — and I’d like answers to these things….

But it seems like the Illuminati is into spirituality.

It seems like a warped use of it — but a lot of numerology, symbolism, ceremonies, and rituals.

I can’t help but think of how many Christians think Paganism is wrong… because they don’t understand it.. and because of old, wounded programming — again, passed down from generation to generation.

Many of them mock Spirituality talk as well. I’ve seen it under my videos when I talk about guides and angels….

And this links back to the hate and blame of the Jews — an old topic I used to cover…. they want to blame someone for this corruption, so it’s easy to blame the Jews rather than look at how many Christians are part of the New World Order elite blue bloodlines.

I see the shunning of wealth… again, another Christian construct.

I also see the wounding, passed down from generation to generation with the Illuminati, this “Satan” worship — which again I’m still exploring this…. Spirit shared some information with me yesterday.

This ill thinking is passed down from generation to generation — and if someone is abused when they are young, they are going to continue this abuse to their children when they have them, unless healing is done.  Satanic workshop — ritual abuse — trauma abuse and so on.

So these are all themes I talk about.

Not everyone in this world is Christian — and I think this Bible quoting group who talk about the Illuminati alienate a lot of people (which includes non-practicing Christians) when they go into this Bible thumping….

It’s not working.

It hasn’t worked.

And it’s time for a new way.

Spirituality includes all… no matter what your religion is…

And the element I also bring which has to do with healing unhealthy patterns from generation to generation…

Thank you for this clarity.  Again, it’s making me feel happy, content, and blessed.