November 7, 2012

I find it interesting – and amazing – and awesome – and great 🙂 that I’m teaching about business these days.  I really like business and I’m really good at it.  I also used to study it a lot years ago.   Read loads of books, and classes, and workshops.  It was non-stop.  Just like my dedication to spiritual growth learning.  So now I find it very cool how this gift has opened up more and now I am using the gift of business in my spiritual business — to help spiritual people, to help you.  It’s really quite amazing.

I was talking to a student yesterday and was saying, “I wonder how this will develop… I wonder where it will go.  I could totally see myself talking about business.”  And that was a funny comment, cause I already AM talking about business. I am already teaching about business, through here.

You know, I’ve always known I have a lot of gifts.  A lot of interests and talents.  This was always an inside joke, in a way, amongst my family members because we are all pretty much the same way – good at many things, interested in many things.  And I see how my life is expanding here.

I think the old model of business is you pick one thing you are good at and you do it as a career and this new model is that all your gifts end up complementing one another and you teach, help, heal with all of them.

I wonder what else will incorporate in the upcoming weeks and months…

For over a month now I’ve been getting urgings to plan a seashelling and crystal digging adventure for my people….

This has been pulling at me, but I’ve been pulling back because of self limiting beliefs and fears.

I know I will do something with that side to me as well.

I also know something with fitness will come into play, as that’s always been a big interest of mine too… I used to be a personal trainer on the side, again another hobby.

And, I know something will open up – combine – with eating healthy, taking care of your body, healing your body, growing a garden, natural living, etc… as that’s been something I’ve very educated on as well.

All of these things are wonderful and I’m looking forward to how all of them come into my career life.  How all of them merge…. For now, I’m really grateful about the business material I am teaching through here.  Amen 🙂