March 2, 2014

I realize that my “boredom” is just my heart’s message to the Universe that I’m ready for what’s next.

Rather than go into the “I’m bored, this sucks, I’m still stuck here” thought — I’m going to look at it as “I’m well rested. Thanks for helping me catch up with all my packing and organizing and let’s see what’s next.”

Before I was in rush and anxiety.  Now I’m in peace and settled.  This is a better place to be for this trip.

I feel good.  Much better.

I’m going to hold off and pay my rent tomorrow and I will continue to “be” today.

I’ll do some work.  I’ll spend some time outside.  I’ll visit with my mom tonight, she invited me to an Oscar party.

I’ll also breathe.  It’s all happening.

Nothing has changed.  I’m still moving in that direction.

This boredom was just a message from my Spirit, from my emotional being — communicating with Spirit of I’m ready and what’s next.

This is just us communicating with one another.

Thank you for this clarity.