April 8, 2013

The thing about being a teacher / healer / entrepreneur is that you take risks.  You have to in order to grow and expand.

But here’s the deal, taking those risks means that not everything will be successful.

That’s a very real possibility.

So whereas in the past, when you are working for someone and they tell you something to do – and then you go and do it, it’s no big deal.

You get paid.

The job is appreciated or compensated, or whatever.

Whereas when you are working for yourself, and you take risks — real risks — you’re in the unknown.  Something you may have been working on for months may go nowhere.

Something you shell out 1,000s of dollars on may turn out to be a total waste.

That’s all part of business.

And while you (or we) may logically know that, it has a different tinge of hurt to it when it does happen.

But then you gotta keep going and going for it.  And never give up.

So although I have those memories of Bridal shows that didn’t come back to me in money.

Or even, when I expanded my Bachelorette planning business to include sex toys — and then lost interest in the whole thing years later and it was time for me to move on but I still had many toys in stock – and after carrying them around with me from NJ to Florida and then finally decided to donate them rather than trying to sell them cause I had lost total interest and couldn’t stand the site of them — that was more money gone.  And we’re talking about a couple of thousand.

It was painful to let that all go and that’s why I held on for so long.

But again, if you want to move forward in business you have to have these experiences — and you also have to let them go.

Let all the fear go.