January 10, 2013

This week I’ve been somewhat tired and “off.”  The last two days I’ve had a minor on and off dull type headache from not sleeping well.  I’ve had a million dreams in the night, I know I’m processing stuff.  I wake up and there’s like 5 dreams that I can recall that happened.  I’ve been having some dramatic emotional dreams as well.

Two nights ago I had a snake visit me in my dream AGAIN.  That makes 3 snakes doing their magic on me in maybe 3 weeks.  The first one was on December 31st and yea, so that’s less than 3 weeks.  And along with that snake was a fire in that dream.  That has to do with transformation, initiation, purification as well.

So needless to say, since maybe Tuesday (I can’t remember when this started) I’ve been tired, unsettled, and really…. just clearing.

I’m releasing stuff.  I’ve known this and gone through this a million times before.  So let me please make the best of it today.  And that means OFF the computer.  OFF facebook.  Please let me read and relax and maybe do yoga and maybe artwork or gardening.  And definitely out of the sun.

I teach tonight, well at least I’m planning on it.  No one has signed up yet, but I’d like to do it.  I’d actually like to teach on a weekly basis.  It’s like I plan for this, start doing it, and then don’t want to bother.  I think it has to do with wanting more people to come yet having no interest in promoting it and posting it in various places.  It would be nice to have someone do this for me.

In any event, I’m not thinking about that today.  I’m going to send an email to the person who consistently attends and see ifthere’s any interest there in doing it.

Then I am cleaning up my home… again 🙂  Hehe, yes I do this on a regular basis these days.