April 16, 2013

She’s taking her place in the world… taking her place in the world!!!

G-d it feels so good!

I had a huge fear doing this video.  Fear of people yelling at me for being insensitive.  But when I was in the shower it came to me how to rephrase how I was going to present this video and it was perfect!

I made the video and I love it!  Love the energy!  Love the scenery, love the power shirt I’m wearing.

I hit every mark that I wanted to — and all in just a little over 5 minutes.  PERFECT!

Then I started singing my new song… “she’s taking her place in the world — she’s taking her place”

G-d it feels sooo good!

You know, I was thinking about it before I did this video, all the fear I walk through these days — I’m almost walking through fear EVERY SINGLE DAY.  You totally need to prepare for all of this.  I would have never had enough power, courage, trust, focus to do this before.

I was totally not ready.

But now I am!

I show the Universe and myself this every day!

YES!!! She’s taking her place in the world!  She’s taking her place in the world!!