November 6, 2012

Today I wanted to talk about the importance of a deeper self care of yourself.  This is a topic that I’ve shared before and you hear others talking about it, but today I’m talking about it on a deeper level, for I’ve found the more my consciousness expands, the more awareness that I have, and the faster / higher my vibration, the more and more my body demands that I take better care of it.  Let me share with you what I mean….

Before I used to be able to eat whatever.  Heck, I still will try to eat on the go.  Crappy food.  Not so nutritious food.

Same deal with exercise.  Sometimes here, sometimes there.  Not in the mood.  Don’t want to bother, laziness, out of the habit, whatever…

Same deal with cooking.  Not in the mood to cook.  Don’t know what to cook…

Same thing with shopping…. not in the mood to look up or bother or figure out what would be the most nutritious meals… or what food goes with the next to make nice fully grounded nutritious life-affirming meals…

Or I will get in the routine of watching too much TV.

Or spending too much time on the internet.

Or working too much….

All of these things have been shifting for me… and yes, at times I’m really resistant to it.  But this is what Spirit keeps focusing my attention on, to take care of myself on a deeper level.

To take weekly sea salt baths

To go for massages every other week, rather than every month

To go to the gym to lift at least once a week… hopefully two.

To do yoga once a week

To take more walks in nature… longer walks

To go out to the beach more often and walk along the seashore in the morning or in the evening.

To meditate more…. and for longer.

To figure out a good meal plan and stick to it.

To grow my own food… and go onto solar power.

All of these things and more.  And it can turn into a full time job and it kind of has.

But this is what my body needs.  It’s what my Spirit is encouraging.  Again, it’s turning into my job… which is my life.. which like I was sharing before, there is no division between work and life.  It’s key for me to take care of myself just as it is important for me to “work” – but even more so.

Health and lifestyle first… then career.

That’s what Spirit has been telling me.

And Spirit has been encouraging this.

Also, a healthy dose of my artistic pursuits… and playtime.

This has been a big push as well.

So the shift for me has been a more balanced life.  Maybe even more in the direction of a fuller life, a more abundant life, rather than all my energy and life force going to “serving” others… Spirit wants me now to serve myself – first.