November 12, 2012

I have been realizing more and more how I have been waiting on others to make my dreams come true.  This also falls into being a victim.  Hell no!

I see how I was doing this in career.  Waiting on “the phone call” or “the email” that would make it all happen for me.  That would deem me a success, in the way I want to be looked at as a success.

How ridiculous!

And then I saw it in my personal life.  I’ve been missing England since my ex and I broke up (he’s British).  I was trying to figure out how we could be friends and how I could still go out there to visit.

Again, how crazy.

How ridiculous!

So this morning, again, like the energy of last week – taking things into my own hands.


I make myself a success.

We get caught (at least I did) into this no win situation that in order for this “success” to happen, someone has to do something for me… whether it’s g-d bring me more clients, or have this person offer me the project deal I want, or an ex inviting me over to visit.


So today, I move forward with my Love Guru projects.  I have a lot to produce and put out there.  So I keep in the creative zone.  Determination.

And also with England, I feel I need to be out there – that I want to be out there, so I make this happen.  I don’t want to go out there for a vacation, I want to work out there.  So I contacted one of my students who’s from the UK and asked her if she wants to do my 4 Day Attract The One Retreat out there.

Who knows what she’ll say.  In the past, there’s been some concern about money, but I know enough about prosperity and mindset now that I see that all this stuff is internal limitations, nothing to do with the “reality” of having the money or not.  And I’ve been there many times as well, and by this post you can see how I was still going there – to the same old victim mentality – that many of us do.  It’s our society’s way of thinking and being.  I have been doing it – you can see it right here – for a long time and not even realizing it.  I thought I was an empowered person but yet here I am waiting for things (Source) to “make things better” or for them to “make it happen.”  Hell no!

So anyway, I put it out there.  What she says back is up to her.  Will it stop me if she says no?


In the past, this would have been another excuse I would have put forth for not working out there… but there is always another way.  And if that situation shows itself I know my Spirit will show me another way.


It will happen.

I will work out there – and soon! 🙂
Hell yea!