November 12, 2012

Since I have been stepping it up spiritually and living in this new level of awareness, Spirit has been constantly encouraging me – pushing me – to take care of my home.  Both my physical home and the home of my Soul.

Let me explain…

These days I find it very important to clean my home, often.  Energetically I have to clean, through sage and sound – as well as I feel like I am constantly vacuuming.  I’m clearing so much old stuff that this place has to be clean.  I see it as cleaning out the old debris that I am shedding… again, constantly.

Then taking care of the home for my Soul.  I constantly clearing my aura.  This is morning and night.  Always – or almost always – in my awareness.

Then when I go out I am constantly reminded to shield myself.  Something that I never really did on a regular basis, but again, this has constantly been playing in my awareness.

Then there’s the food I eat.  I have been encouraged to make hearty meals frequently.  I cleared out all GMOs (or as many as I can find) from my home.  I am eating my way through packaged goods.  And clearing out my cabinets in general.  I don’t think I am going back to being a vegetarian (I was one for close to 5 years) but I am eating cleaner.

More natural foods.  Less processed and packaged.  Going au natural 🙂

I am also making steps to growing my own garden – inside my home 🙂 as there are so many different types of pests in South Florida.  I can’t keep track of all the wildlife 🙂  But I am starting to study up on this.

And then there are cleansing baths… which I still haven’t worked into my regular routine, but I am working on it.

And creating meal plans.  Which I know is related to what I shared above, but I have never been able to come up with a steady meal plan and now I am.  It’s very important.

And then there is exercise – walks in nature, getting my heart beat up, starting to sweat again.. and lifting at the gym.

All of this to support my raising vibration.

And you too will find, if you haven’t gotten hints about this yet, that this is VERY important when you are serving (there’s that word again 🙂 ) in a bigger way.  Your physical home and the home of your Spirit need to be up on their game if you are going to be up on yours.

Very powerful indeed.  It’s a lot of “work” but very worth it.  I have been dreaming about doing these things for a long time and now I am empowering myself to actually DO THEM!