January 1, 2013

A lot of psychic experiences have been happening to me lately.  I have been keeping tabs in my journal and shared some info on Facebook.  Here’s some excerpts from my Facebook posts.

from december 31st..

Well it hasn’t even been 5 days since that Boxer dog in my neighborhood came into my awareness… not even 5 days since his owner lost control of him and he came charging at me and Magic… And this Boxer dog has been in my thoughts every single day for these several days… not really sure why and I’m still figuring it out. But very interesting, how this morning I go out to walk Magic and surprise, surprise (no surprise at all) that Boxer dog is now a stray. Either let loose by his parents to go find another home or ran away from them again while they were walking him. I live in an apartment complex. That’s a huge dog. You can’t be in your apartment and not know where that dog is…. so now, what to do…. This is not the first time I’ve seen dog’s dumped in this community. Just set out to fend for their own. I don’t get it. And now I will be thinking about him and looking for him for the rest of the day… wondering how I can help him. Still figuring it all out… what the meaning of this is. About a month ago, same deal with another dog in the community — in my awareness — then the owner moved and dumped him out on his own to find another home.

another post from dec 31st / yesterday…

Another thing that I saw happening… very interesting experiences lately, a deeper knowingness. … The other night my neighbor was very happy to see me come home from night activities at the same time that he came home. He got out of his car and started smiling at me, asking me questions, how I am, etc…. and I saw him staring at me, like he normally does, all creepy. Anyway, I saw this happen, as it was happening… his lights on his car were still on…. I was walking away from him, trying to rush the conversation along so I could walk my dog.. and he’s just staring at me and staring (note to guys here, if you like someone, really don’t make it so obvious, some of you are so predictable) :)…. but then anyway, as I’m walking away I see that he’s walking away as well…. I’m then later out walking my dog and guess what? his lights are still on… and I see this happening… knew exactly what was going to happen… later in the night before I go to sleep I see that his lights are still on… and it’s not like I’m friends with this guy or even know exactly what apartment he lives in so it’s not like I could knock on his door to tell him about his car…. but I knew his battery was going to die… i knew he was going to have an issue… and surprise, surprise… but really no surprise… today, right now, he’s out trying to jump start his car or something related cause no surprise, it’s not starting. This is now two days in a row that I was just walking around, minding my own business, and these things happen around me that I know how they’re going to end up. So loving this shift!

A post from today / Jan 1, 2013….

Wow. I’m like Nancy Drew over here. I just solved a mystery! That dog that I saw that was abandoned yesterday… the Boxer… well, his owner’s apartment is vacant! They must have moved out yesterday as well. I KNOW this was the situation with the last dog I found walking around the property about a month ago as well. Ooo, wondering what I should do with this information. I think I need to bring it to my building’s management… I know they have records on file of each person with a dog…. but then this is going to unleash a shit storm. Hmm, not sure what I want to do with this information… Blaire Allison, Psychic Pet Detective
Another post from today…
Just because you have information, doesn’t mean you have to do something about it. Being Psychic/Intuitive I pick up on a lot of information. A lot of information about people and a lot of information about places, things, and situations. Two nights ago I knew my neighbors car battery was going to go dead because he was busy starring at me, rather than properly turning off his car. I saw it in my mind’s eye happening… just exactly as it did happen before my real eyes a day later. Just because I had this information, I didn’t feel a responsibility to go out of my way, knock on some doors, feel uncomfortable because I personally find the guy creepy, in order to tell him that his lights were on and that he had to turn them off….. In the past I would have done this because I would have thought it was the “right” thing to do. Now, I simply observe. Then yesterday, a day later after this guy’s car incident, I find this abandoned dog in my neighborhood. I knew he was abandoned when I saw him… rather than simply being lost. In the past (which is something I did a month ago when I found another abandoned dog in my neighborhood) I would have walked the dog around for an hour, tried to find his tags, tried to find people who knew him, knock on doors, etc. But this time I did it different. That last dog kept telling me he was okay, no big deal and that he was finding another home. (I communicate with animals as well), but I kept insisting to help him find his mommy. He came along with me because animals are very sweet, but I see how I was unnecessarily working myself up emotionally and wasting my energy. This time, for this new abandoned dog, I took an assessment of his energy and saw he was fine. He was happy, he was free. Later it dawned on me that he was feeling like he was in prison with his family… which were intuitive hits I got a week ago when I saw his owners walking him (rather uncontrollably) – Spirit had reminded me of these intuitions that I got previously… That dog wasn’t a good match for them. He needed a better household, an alpha male owner who was to properly train and give him more exercise. The dog likes to play and be more free. He felt confined and misunderstood by that family. Oh well. No big deal. Just because I knew the dog was abandoned, didn’t mean I had to go run to rescue him, call the police/dog rescue, call the apartment manager to track down the owners… I just observed. Butted out. Took assessments if there was any real danger and there was not in any of these recent situations. All these experiences that happen to us are here to teach us a lesson. Here I am passing this one onto you. You may be picking up other lessons that are more personal to you through reading my story. If this is the case, then good, honor your own intuition and what Spirit wants you to learn here. I have learned that part of being psychic/intuitive is also to learn how to simply butt out of other people’s lives. To understand that there is a flow to life, a natural occurring, and that it’s okay for you to observe all of this happening without doing anything to help out (or interfere). When people want help, and specifically ask you for it, you can give it… but if you are doing readings for people or picking up on their energy, their feelings, their hopes, their dreams, their potential and taking on their energy / their problems/ their issues / their life struggles in some energetic conscious or unconscious way, you are not only doing them a disfavor, you are draining your energy, your life force, and simply wasting your time.
I was keeping track of this stuff in my journal, along with my dreams – as a lot of information, much more than normal (and it’s been making much more sense) has been coming through in my dreams — along with animal totems working with me each day.
I’m going to start posting that stuff here too, as I’d like one place where it’s listed out more so I can keep track of it all.
So, here it goes…
Last night, my mosquito friend was back.  I think I mentioned on here before that mosquitos have been coming into my home and buzzing around me while I sleep…
Here’s his message… (he’s been in my house for maybe 2-3 days now)… I just “woke up” yesterday to be like, duh!  he’s sharing his energy / message with me again.

Mosquito reminds you to listen to the lessons you are experiencing. She shows how to listen to the patterns in your life so that you can fill nourished and fulfilled once again. She demonstrates the art of timing: movement and progression, rest and relaxation. What should you be doing? It may be a period of increased creativity and new endeavors. Mosquito medicine demonstrates the power of positive and negative energies. She shows how to transform personal attitudes and aids in recognizing attitudes of others. What is draining your energy? She shows spiritual and emotional nourishment is needed. Be strong and forthright. Fully trust your intuition, listen to your emotions and body reactions or it may “sting and itch” later. Mosquito offers opportunities to revitalize your spirit, take them when they appear. Her lessons span about 14 days. She shows how to move easily through the first three stages of egg, larva, and pupa. In the last stage she shows a time of rest. Although she is little in size, Mosquito has big medicine to teach.

Resource: http://www.starstuffs.com/animal_totems/dictionary_of_insects.html

Funny how mosquito is telling me to listen to the patterns of my life…. well, like I said, this morning I was like, I need to hang up a big piece of newsprint paper and write down all these signs, animal totems, and psychic incidents that are happening, as well as how my life is shifting accordingly.  I need to see it on big paper, because so much is happening now and I see how my psychic gifts have expanded more.  Very cool.

The other thing that strikes me about mosquito medicine is this, she talks about the art of timing.  Here yesterday, I was getting messages that things are ripe and go for it…. although my dreams were showing me hesitancy about moving forward and seizing opportunities…  so a bit of a conflict here, or actually just some fear…

But then this morning.. . I’ll list the totems who came to me while sleeping… but I woke up this morning and I was like, I need to rest.  Turtle came in my dream.  Turtle is about getting grounded and to slow down the pace of my life, faster is not better.

And this is how I was feeling emotionally and overall my body was tired.

So these both connect.  So it’s like… hurry up, now rest.  I’ve noticed this pattern a lot since I started writing this blog.  Filled with energy, new projects, birting something…. then slowing down, waiting, resting, getting grounded.

I see this as a grounding to the new level of awareness, taking the changes and then grounding the energy.  It’s really cool actually!  I’m learning so much!

Also the mosquito talks about increased creativity and new endeavors.  And yes, this is VERY true.  My new movement… but more so, this new part of me that’s come alive again, dance.  I haven’t really written about this yet, but I will.  Lots of creative stuff.  It’s awesome.

Also… drum roll please…. snake came to visit me again last night.  I had to look it up in my journal, cause snakes were just with me in another dream.  December 16th 2 snakes in my dream.

I want to track more what happens once certain totem animals come to bless me.  I love this.  It’s so beautiful!  So this is what I’m watching for on my newsprint paper that I have hanging up 🙂  Watching the patterns… 🙂

So snake is all about initiation and healing and wisdom.  Transformation.  New opportunities and changes.  Again, I am going deeper into animal medicine (which is so freakin’ fantastic!)  I’ve always loved shamanism and so grateful for these teachings.  So so grateful!!!  I LOVE THEM!!

So I want to track more what happens when snake comes into my life, cause snake has come into my life A LOT over the last 3 years since I’ve moved to FL, especially over the last year and a half. And boy, oh boy, I have changed so much over this time!!

It’s incredible.

So again, so much stuff going on.

Magic, my dog was in my dream again.  That’s two nights in a row.  He makes frequent appearances, joining me in my dreams, hanging out with me in my nighttime hours.  So freakin’ cool.

I know about people dreaming about their dead animals…. or their dead family members or friends… or their alive friends, family, etc… and I’ve had these experiences as well, like we all do… but I’d still like to understand more why Magic, my living, best friend is there with me so much.

It’s funny… every morning he’s in my dream, I wake up and ask him… “Magic, you were in my dream last night…. was I in your dream?”  I love him so much.  He’s part of my soul. (hmm… okay, maybe that explains it right there.. he’s a part of me)