May 16, 2013

Synchronicities happening much faster these days.

I have been thinking about the Ascended Masters and wanting to go deeper with them and the g-ddesses, not really knowing who they were… except really being drawn to and having Athena around me a lot.   This was brought back to mind yesterday when I was looking at how beautiful my banner turned out.  She was there for me during that photo shoot.  I just “knew” it was her. .. and interesting, since I didn’t really know who she was, the info just came to my mind that she was there.  So powerful, sexy and strong.  I lover her energy and I love that she’s helping me.

So yesterday i was going to head to the beach, but I happened to turn on the radio – a spiritual radio show and this lady was talking about the g-ddesses.  I was like, ohh, I can’t leave now.  So I continued painting as I was listening to this lady speak.  I was mesmerized.

So ends up this lady wrote a book about the g-ddesses, I looked it up at my local library — and they had it!! (Conversations with the G-ddesses)

So I went there to pick it up — and it’s a GREAT book!  Very easy to read and exactly the info and laid out how I like.  I’m so in love with it.

So things like this have been happening more and more often.

There was a situation the day before as well… which had to do with finding someone for my expo booth to help me.  I will write about that in the next post, cause it’s related to another topic.