May 3, 2013

As I was laying in bed it dawned on me how many synchronicities happened yesterday having to do with TV / my TV job.

1 – This TV casting director who I hadn’t heard from in weeks, despite emails I sent her way  – she emailed me back — totally “out of the blue”

2 – I sent a bunch of resumes out to random places about TV jobs.  Was thinking, how can I get this TV job?  What’s the method to get it? and opened my email and there was an email that said “I’m going to be on TV” from an internet marketer.  That was incredible.  It was right after I sent out my resumes!

3 – I was listening to a radio show and this intuitive guy was talking to a woman about working for NBC and she was talking about how she got a job in a smaller market / smaller project that will help her build to working for NBC.  It’s not every day you hear someone talking about a TV job or working for NBC.  This was a big deal.

Okay that may have been it.  I think there was one more, but can’t remember right now – it’ll come back to me if so.

But then I noticed the fears that came up for me and then was working on clearing those things.  This is really good.

Then, today I noticed this.  My commentary on TV shows.  This is from May 27, 2011 and I’ll post one from now — April 2013.  So much change.  Wow, incredible.  My presence feels so much more powerful — you see for yourself.  I feel really good about this stuff.

May 27, 2011

April 26, 2013

Besides striking me as more VIBRANT, confident and powerful, what interests me here is that this was 2 years ago.  I was getting these intuitions to comment on TV shows 2 YEARS AGO and it wasn’t until just recently that I gave myself permission to keep talking about them and making these videos.

Hey, when you’re ready — you’re ready — but just imagine where I’d be if I followed those intuitive pushes back then.  For one, my power in front of the camera would have evolved much quicker – it would have definitely.  Maybe I would have already been working in TV!  In any event, I’m excited about it now and I feel good about the path I’m on.