March 18, 2013

So my email went over well.  The organizer of the group wrote this back to me.

I understand and am sorry that the delays put you in a difficult situation.

I will let the others know that the event is off and that the xx meetings can return to their regularly scheduled times.
Since these delays are endemic to the way I run things, why don’t you consider the xxx as an advertising medium for your future events rather than as a partner.  When you set up a Speaker and want to run an event at the xx or elsewhere, let me know the finalized plans and I will announcement them to the membership via email and verbal announcements during meetings.  I think you have a valuable idea in your Speakers Series and you obviously have the skills and connections needed to pull it off.  I hope this debacle doesn’t discourage you from  pursuing it.
Best of Luck in your interview.  Yes, please forward me a copy when you get a chance.
WOW.  That was a great comment from this person.  And then they continued to email me when I wrote some questions for clarification — that they think the reason why the event was so delayed was they were trying to be polite/nice by confirming everything with everyone…
Yes, exactly.
So what a great result to this whole thing.
Man, I kept praying and praying before I sent the email.  Pleading with Spirit really to help me — and to get their friends to help me.  It’s funny.  I told my angels to ask their angels friends to help me too.  Hehe.
This is beautiful — and actually something I would consider doing.  It comes really easily to me.  I’ve done planning for so many years of my life — and to interview in front of a crowd, learn, and make money — yes, this sounds good.
I’ll think about it but wanted to share the good news with you!!
It was a success and realization and growth for everyone!!