July 7, 2013

Well… I never really thought about the people — our leaders.

I’m talking about leaders in entertainment.

Singers, Rappers, Actors.

Because even though they are just here to “entertain” — they do have opinions.

Most people don’t like to hear artists weigh in with their political views, but I’m finding this to be more and more important to me these days.  It’s more and more important to me these days what their personal views are.

And this keeps coming up….

A few days ago it came to my awareness that Chris Rock and Jamie Foxx were not writing nice things on their twitter regarding whites and/or Zimmerman / Trayvon death.

This didn’t surprise me with Jamie Foxx… although again I never really thought about it.

I’ve heard before that Jamie Foxx is a racist… but again I never really thought about it.  I just remember hearing about it.

Then we have Chris Rock.  Wow, this upset me.

I tried to find the tweets and they were removed.  On both accounts.

So this upset me big time because I LOVE Chris Rock — or rather, I loved him.

Now I’m not sure.  I wonder what he really thinks about whites and I wish I saw those tweets so I could see first hand what as coming from his mind.

Then I saw on the bottom of an article that read online that Rosanne Barr and Spike Lee forwarded to their twitter followers Zimmerman’s address.  What?  Are you serious?  That’s so wrong.  Bullying mentality and just overall not nice.

And then today, again, when I wasn’t even looking for it I saw an article that was talking about how Erykah Badu wrote that on twitter that she thinks farrakhan is a super hero who is beautiful and brave.  She was referring to the million man march (1995) and i can see how it is amazing to organize such an event, but farrakhan is known to hate whites and hate jews.  So that’s what she’s supporting.  It makes you wonder if she believes that too.

And then that makes me think again of the music I listen to — what I used to love — and the people who I am supporting, even if in my mind it’s just an emotion, a love for them.

Now in the past I used to look past this.  I loved hip hop and although my father would ask me about it, “did I realize that they talk negatively about women” — I dismissed it.  It didn’t matter.

But now, somehow it does.

It bothers me a lot.  Who I am supporting and who I just don’t want to anymore.

It’s an awareness and an awakening and yes it does make me sad because now I feel like I have to say goodbye to all my favorites and all my favorite memories.

I compare this to food.. and cleaning out the cubbards, supporting ethical companies… not buying from companies who take part in inhumane treatment of animals.. who put garbage in your food like aspartame, etc and now because of this whole race thing, it’s come to my awareness to clear out support of actors, comedians, singers, etc who have those thoughts….

And the fear there is, who’s left?  who’s left when you eliminate so many?

I had also done this cleaning out with what i was watching on tv.  cleaning out the garbage from my mind… consciously choosing what shows I was to watch.

Does this mean Shonda Rhymes who I admire — creator of Scandal thinks this way?  White hate?

Same deal with other people in Entertainment that I’m friendly with… do they hate whites too?

I feel suspicious / cautious around everyone now.

I feel like I need to know where they stand.

I also feel this is a video I will make…

And that’s the other concern… I have this video, anti artists… I have another video anti abc, questioning why they left the audio feed open… anti media/tv where i’m wanting to work.. and then anti blacks or better stated, cause it’s not anti black, it’s just calling out, a message to whites…

Good one Blaire.  Which is really Spirit.  Just piss on everyone.  WHAT THE FUCK?!!! Please help me.

PS:  Maybe this video should be a call out to all people, about who they are supporting.  Paula Deen was just outed – so you don’t have to support her.  But it’s about researching what entertainers are in alignment with your values.