July 7, 2013

So once again the idea to make a video directed towards white people has come up.

That in itself is controversial.  Could be looked at as racist.  That’s how I would look at it.

(Again, double standard… black people writing to my black people all the time, all these talks to black people, etc.  If they can gather, then we should to.  Should be perfectly acceptable to meet with “your” people)

Again, clearly there’s a racial divide here.  I can’t even pretend or look past it like maybe I used to. It wasn’t even in my awareness cause I was in the collective’s thinking.

So then the message to “my white people” is…

In golf, when someone is a better player, we give them a handicap.  That’s mean we give the one who’s not as good some extra points because we think they are not as good as us.

Which in other words, a weaker player.

So that’s what whites have done.  We overlook things that black people do.. as a whole.. giving them “extra points” because we continue in the paradigm of looking at them as weak.

A weaker player.

Or in other words a victim.

So in order to stop having a one is better and one is worse, then we need to even the playing field.

We need to look at them as our equal.  And that means, that we have to treat them the way we treat ourselves.  They need to be to the same standards.

So again, if this was two white men.. or rather a 28 year old man and a 17 year old boy, we’d look at the evidence.  And we’d probably deem the kid as a punk who jumped this guy… I’m sure all the kids background would come out.. so would this 28 year old and we’d see they both had shady or questionable profiles and we’d charge with a manslaughter and then again based on trial evidence, the jury would decide.

It wouldn’t heated like this.

So again, the way to equal the playing fields is to look at people — all people as our equals.  This is what black people are asking for, so this is what we must give them.

Again, it’s only right.

I fear for my safety in saying this.  In making this video and fear it goes viral.  I see myself on TV having fights with people, being asked to defend myself.  This is not comfortable to me.

So what do I do?

I don’t know.

I keep it to myself.

Although I don’t trust myself.  I’m passionate — and I’m fearful it will come out.

Please help.

Help me.

Please show me the way.