January 16, 2013

So this post should be right after the “how long do I have to wait” post since the two are connected.

See how my “old” thinking was… how long do I have to wait for these dreams to come true?

Whereas my new thinking… and way… is the deep trust and strong knowingness.

I know it is manifesting right now.

I know all the things are lining up to make these goals/dreams of mine happen.

I am staying in this strong trust and deep knowingness  and not paying attention to any other thoughts.

Today I took the time to do some artwork.  Man, I love it.  You know, I say that every time I do artwork yet it seems to be one of the hardest things to get myself to do.  Taking the time to take out my paint and wood to do something creative.

I’ve had my sketch pad out for awhile as well and markers hoping that maybe that would make it easier to engage, but that didn’t work either.

Anyway, the point is I’m doing it.  And I’m really enjoying it.

Rather than drama or panic or crazy “doing” which gets you nowhere, I am sitting in silence, enjoying, going into my “zone” and painting.  Creating.  And boy what I made is beautiful.  I absolutely love it.

Over a year ago I started making these Manifestation Mobiles.  I was putting them up for sale and making them part of my work – as I use them over and over again to manifest change in my life.  But the pictures weren’t that good and my confidence waivered and someone close to me said something negative about them… and I removed them.

I’ve been having the inspiration to put them up again.  They are my thing.  They work for me.  Plus they are beautiful because they have birthed from me.  Screw those negative naysayers.  Screw those thoughts.  Taking better pictures – outside – and will put them up… again 🙂