April 5, 2013

So I have a tendency — or rather we’ll say, a bad BORED habit — of watching or listening to other people’s shit on the internet.

This has to do with people who do internet marketing.

I’ve been studying it for years.  I’ll say I’ve been doing it with not much success.  Haha.

I’m “man enough” to say that.  Who the fuck cares.

So I continue to watch these people.  They offer free calls.  They put up stupid fake sales pages.  They pretend they are more than they are.  They post pictures of themselves with their fake clients who are really their friends on their Facebook and websites.. and on and on.

And Spirit has been telling me to STOP WATCHING THEIR SHIT.

Cause it is shit.

And boy oh boy, I’ve been watching it for years.  Like a fucking obsession!  Haha!

You know, the thing that amazes me is that I think by now many of them are making money doing it… BUT the weird thing is, when I listen to their audios or watch their videos or read things on their website, it comes off as so fake and so inauthentic.

And something about this baffles me and keeps me coming back.

It’s the disconnect.  My intuition telling me they’re full of shit – my intuition telling me their lying… yet  there’s my mind or something, wondering how they are making their money.

It’s hard to explain and again I think that’s why I keep going back.

Kind of like… can I do this?  Or why didn’t it work for me?  Or something…

But here’s the deal.  Pretty hardcore over the last few days — or weeks — or months, maybe less than that — I made a decision.  Maybe it was really over the last few days.

I want to focus on people locally.

Relationships OFF line.

I fucking hate people on Facebook.  Who even knows who they are?  They pretend to be one way online and then I meet them in person (I did once with two people and won’t do that again) and it was a big fat mistake — I hated the girl.  Haha, okay, that’s a bit harsh.  I was just really put off by her energy.  She was Soooo not the type of person I would hang out with.

So that online marketing is not the thing for me.

My heart is in love with connecting with people face to face.

I’m focusing on my students here in South Florida.

People I can see.  People who I feel connected to – who are drawn to me.  And of course whoever Spirit connects me with otherwise, I’m just not doing that internet thing anymore… as in free calls, or videos to reel people in, or fake shit.  It just doesn’t work for me.

I like to meet people face to face — feel their energy… and I know my people are like that too.


And the good part of that is I have been turning it off today and yesterday.

I notice something fake, inauthentic from an audio I’m listening too – and I am HONORING MY INTUITION – and SHUTTING IT OFF.