May 9, 2013

I write on this day of new moon and the eclipse.  We’ve been having a lot of these lately, very close together.  The energy has been intense and many days I’ve been EXHAUSTED.

Tonight I do some final healing on myself.  Some final healing — forgiveness stuff on my family.

It’s time to clean up that energy, start fresh, send love, forgive… and I’m ready.

I haven’t been for awhile.

But my guides have been telling me to do this for awhile now.

As I’ve shared with you, I’ve been having dreams for weeks about family members..

And I’m done.

I will clean it up tonight.

Someone said to me yesterday, a healer/intuitive, that it’s time for me to stop healing and start manifesting.

You’ll note a few months ago I shared how I’m healed from my Twin Flame relationship — as in, that healed me.  And it did.  It cleared up and healed so many family relationships, patterns for many years – generations.

But now when I stepped into this money stuff, I started going through healing again.

Healing is my comfort zone.  I enjoy it.

I started this journey in Spirituality solely manifesting.  That’s how I learned to partner with the Universe to attract “the One.” — Then it seems as though when I got into the healing field, I stopped focusing on manifesting — and just focused on healing.

I saw how through healing, I manifested.

Well, I don’t feel that’s the way for me anymore.

I’ve done my healing.

Healing is safe for me.  I know it so well now.

I know how to go deep and keep digging.

And I love it.

Now I see how I’m using it to avoid my life.  The fears that have come up about manifesting.  About living the life of my dreams.  About taking steps forward.

Like I said, I will do the last healing around money tonight… and yea, it may bleed into tomorrow since it’s already late tonight — but then that’s it.

Healing is put to the side.  Healing is something I help students with.  For me, it’s time to create.

Time to focus my energy on manifesting.

In a way that makes me sad.  Strange, huh?  So comfortable in the position of looking at what’s wrong and going deep to fix it.

Now it’s time for me to really be in that new life.

To be in the life where I am healed.

For I am.

New moon is here.  What a great way to step into that new life.

It’s time.


I’m glad I’m here.