June 6, 2013

Well, what can I say?  Today I had the expectation that I was interviewing this girl who did a TV pilot but didn’t make it to air.  She wrote me yesterday that she was excited for the interview, told me she was available today between x and x time or Monday and gave times.

I wrote her back.  And didn’t hear back that day.

I assumed it was because she only checks her email once a day?  I assumed this because it took her what felt like a little bit of time to get back to me on my original email.

So I just went along with plan.  Took her for her word – and started setting things up.

I did a webpage for her.  Learned how to put the video on my website and to live stream it.  I was about to tweet it out to my people on Facebook, but figured I’d wait until I got confirmation back from her.

Well, nothing.

Then I emailed her this morning confirming details.  And asking for information from her.  And nothing.

I thought she’d check her email at a certain time in the morning, but no email back.

I was tooling around in the morning, doing my morning ritual and just hanging out, thinking — and I figured that maybe she only checks her email once a day (I kept admiring this quality, seems like a more efficient way to work and something I’ve thought about doing for awhile) — and figured, she said she wasn’t available til 1PM or after — so maybe she’s not checking email.

Again, I admired her efficiency (which now I really don’t know what happened…)

Spirit guided me….. or maybe it was just my thinking?  Better get showered and dressed, ready for the interview.

So I did.  Act as if.  Expectancy.  I had a thought that she was going to get done with her meetings or whatever she was doing this morning, then read the email and sign on with me.  I needed to be ready.

So I did all that, but nothing.

I emailed her that I was online waiting for her.  Still nothing.



Now, she never confirmed back, so was I just making an assumption — when she wasn’t ready to go?  But she gave me times she was available so what’s the big deal.  I took her for her word.

I have no idea what could have happened.

Before it was time for her call I took Magic for a walk like I always do.  I saw this huge 4 foot crane.

CRANE:  FOCUS.  I took it as staying focused, holding the energy when she was supposed to connect with me…. here’s what the meaning is:

To the ancient Chinese, the Crane was a symbol of justice and longevity.
A Crane totem entering your life could signal recovery of what was lost to you.

Crane people have a sense of secrecy and protectiveness.

Crane reflects the importance of not dividing your attention
between more than one project rather focusing on just the more important one.
Mothers with Crane totems do better as stay-at-home moms
rather than trying to juggle raising a family and work.
If this is impossible, ask Crane to help you accomplish both.

Crane can teach you how to celebrate your creative resources
and keep them alive, by having the proper focus in your life.

So what happened?

I have no idea.  And I have been trying to stay out of the judgment of her and the situation.  I read this story the other day about how by not judging a situation we let the energy flow to our betterment.  Something like that.  It’s a long story to write here.

Now I could easily go into calling her names.  Making up stories in my head about her.

I could also easily turn this on me, that I did something wrong.  That maybe she saw something about me online that made her not like me and reconsider.  That’s all made up stories in my head as well.

Instead I will just let it be.

I could also tie this into past events.

The prepper guy I wanted to interview on video.  That didn’t pan out.  The guy wasn’t reliable, totally flaked.  Got back to me half assed and last minute.  That wasn’t working.  I let it drop.

Then two days ago the email I got from the Facebook contact who wanted to interview me on her show but when I asked questions about listenership – never wrote back.  That was fine, I wasn’t interested — but still, no reply.

Same deal the next day from the person who wanted me to do the SCANDAL video.  The email I got at 3:33 — like that was supposed to mean something, at least I thought.  Again, I wrote back some questions asking for some more details.  And no reply.  I thought about it more and wasn’t interested in doing it.

So there are three contacts that just faded away as soon as they came.

And then this girl, said yes to the interview and never showed up / never wrote back.


Again, these things I could spend time asking my angels what’s the deal?  But I am just releasing judgment as best as I can and letting it be.

I really did want to interview this girl…

For whatever reason I guess we weren’t meant to connect.

Even though I prayed about it a bunch of times to work out — I have to trust that it did not.

If it means anything, there was crazy wind and rain today and the power kept going out… not good for an interview.

So I go from wondering, what’s up and that’s weird… to being fully in the flow.

See below.

But then really, I don’t think I was out of the flow before.  I look at it as Spirit protecting me, guiding me in another direction.  But then again maybe that’s me putting judgment on it.  Coming up with an explanation.

I pulled a card after this situation happened — and it said, this is not the same situation that you are encountering again.  Okay…. I trust the questions I was going to ask her will still be answered, somehow.

See below.


Went to supermarket and this is what just happened…

Went to the supermarket to return my movie and pick up some groceries — one of them being popcorn kernels. I looked around the store and couldn’t find them, then got distracted by the samples they were offering, ate some — and then started thinking about the popcorn kernels. Right as I was thinking: “Okay… where can I find these kernels” — a kid passed with his mom, playing with the kernel container. Perfect. (Not everyday that people are buying that stuff). Perfect timing. The mother tells her son to show me where he got the kernels and yells out that they are on sale, buy 1 get 1. Perfect.

This is a pretty regular occurrence in my life now. I think about something I want, a question I have, or something I need help with — and then bam, almost instantly the answer shows.

Not with everything, but it’s been happening with more and more lately.

What also is happening pretty regularly is that I will think of an item I need/want from the food store — and then when I get there, it’ll be on sale as one of those buy 1 get 1 items.

Pretty awesome.

So as I was celebrating the guidance with the popcorn, plus the synchronicity of them being on sale, the cashier rung me up and it was $11.33.

There’s those numbers again. Another regular occurrence in my life — guiding me, supporting me.

Then I walked outside and 222 was on a license plate, straight in front of my face. Life is just getting more and more magical — and I thought my life was pretty magical and guided as it was…. Happy to accept more support from the Universe. Bring it on! 🙂

PS:  I just looked at the receipt again and the time stamp on it was 17:22 (5:22)  funny.  Lots of 2’s — keeping the faith.  And as i write this it’s 6:44.  Funny 🙂  Lots of all of those numbers 🙂